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Kampala, Uganda



October 18, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish development organisation fighting poverty and climate change together. What started as a tree planting initiative in 1983, is today an agroforestry expert organisation working through local partnerships to run holistic agricultural development projects in East Africa and beyond.
We work in collaboration with farmer’s organisations, advising and training farmers in sustainable agricultural land management such as agroforestry. In agroforestry, trees are planted alongside crops and livestock on the farmland. This gives more fertile soils, better yields, and a richer variety of crops. Farmers shifting to agroforestry get more food and better incomes. The trees also help increase biodiversity, bind carbon, and stop soil from being washed away by floods.

Over the last ten years, we have contributed to the planting of over 148 million trees and helped more than 2.4 million improve their livelihoods. We offer outstanding expertise in agroforestry, climate change adaptation and mitigation, promoting well-proven practices based on scientific research. Our focus on both human and environmental sustainability makes us unique.

We are presently working in three East African countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We focus on where we are most relevant and can make a difference – both in terms of which countries to work in and what areas in the countries. The selection is based on criteria such as an area’s vulnerability to climate change, the value we can contribute, and resources available.

In the coming years, we will look into expanding our geographical area, both within the current countries in East Africa, and into new countries. Special attention will be given to exploring arid and semi-arid areas where agroforestry has great potential to make unproductive lands fertile.

Job Title

Resource Mobilization Consultant job at Vi Agroforestry

Job Description

Provide guidance and technical support in the designing and the development of proposals and grant applications that align with Vi Agroforestry’s mission and priorities and meet the requirements of potential funders.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • The Resource Mobilization Consultant will support Vi Agroforestry to achieve the following objectives:

  • New funding opportunities - Identify and evaluate potential funding opportunities and partnerships for Vi Agroforestry.

  • Improved understanding of donors and what´s guiding their priorities and decisions

  • Effective strategic donor communication in place

  • Staff having knowledge and experience of how to develop and execute donor engagement strategies.

  • Increase approved application success rate.

Scope of work

  • Under the overall guidance of the Regional Director and in close collaboration with the Resource Mobilization team, the Resource Mobilization Consultant will:

  • Review of Vi Agroforestry's Resource Mobilization Strategies: Conduct a review of Vi Agroforestry’s current resource mobilization strategic documents, including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement as well as provide advice on necessary adjustments.

  • Mapping of funding sources and opportunities: Facilitate the Vi Agroforestry team in mapping of potential funding sources beyond the current list of profiled donors, including institutional donors, private foundations, and government agencies. This includes identifying key trends and emerging opportunities in the fundraising landscape

  • Development of Donor Engagement Strategy: In collaboration with resource mobilisation team, develop and or update and support implementation of a donor engagement strategy at country offices.

  • Proposal Development Support: Provide guidance and technical support in the designing and the development of proposals and grant applications that align with Vi Agroforestry’s mission and priorities and meet the requirements of potential funders.

  • Understanding of Innovation and Donor Expectations: Offer guidance to enhance the organization's understanding of evolving trends and donors’ expectations in relation to innovation, consortium arrangements, private public and development sector engagement efforts, and other climate financing arrangements.


  • The Resource Mobilization Consultant will be expected to deliver the following:

  • Recommendations for improvements on Resource Mobilisation strategic documents.

  • Updated donor list that maps potential donors’ strategic areas of interest, priorities, funding windows, and potential opportunities for partnerships from emerging donors (both traditional and non-traditional).

  • In collaboration with resource mobilisation team develop and support roll out of at least one strategic donor communication plan for one donor in each country office.

  • Compelling proposals and grant applications that align with Vi Agroforestry strategy - in collaboration with the resource mobilisation team support in development of one solicited and an unsolicited proposal per country.

  • Guideline outlining how collaborative partnerships, technologies and other innovations can be effectively utilised for resource mobilisation.

Qualifications and Competencies

Competencies / Skills

  • The consultant will be identified and selected based on relevant work experience in a similar role and assignments, ability to deliver, analytical skills, educational qualifications, and familiarity with development cooperation in general.

The consultant should therefore have the following:

  • An advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Development, Environment and Climate Change, Business Administration, Communication, or a related field

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the development landscape particularly on Agriculture/ Environment and Climate Change in East Africa

  • Proven experience in the development sector, minimum 5 years’ experience preferably in resource mobilization including proposal and report writing.

  • Excellent knowledge of key donors focused on Sub Saharan Africa

How to Apply

Send an application letter specifying by email to Vi Agroforestry Regional Director through
The application letter should include:
• Your CV
• Two references (name, email, phone)
• Maximum of 3 pages’ concept note and proposed budget with work plan
• 1-page list of similar work done by you or your firm. References related to the execution of similar assignments.
• Reasonable consultancy cost

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