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Get Paid For Each Friend You Refer

Connect Friends to Our Professional CV Services and Earn

Get a 5% discount on your plan

Apply reward when placing your first order.

Get 10 points for each friend you refer

Get paid in Cash to your PayPal or Mobile Money Wallet

1. Give your friends a 5% discount. *
2. Get 10 points for each friend who buys a plan.

* Applies to the first billing cycle of "Professional CV & Cover Letter".

How to earn money with our Referral Program
Sign up for free

Register with the same email you are using for your AfriCareers account to start.

Share Referral link

Upon Signing up, we will automatically be assigned a Unique referral link.


Copy the referral link and share it widely to your social media platforms.

Get Paid in Cash

You will earn 10 points each time you refer a friend. You can withdraw money to your mobile money wallet or Paypal account by converting the points earned into cash.

Working from Home

Do you want to make extra income? Join our Referral Program

Unlock the potential for additional income with our Referral Program.


Ideal for those looking to enhance their earnings, this program offers a straightforward and lucrative way to benefit from your network of friends, family or followers.


By joining, you'll get paid in cash to your mobile money or PayPal account. You'll in addition gain access to exclusive rewards and bonuses simply by recommending our services and products.


It's an effortless opportunity to create a new revenue stream, backed by our comprehensive support and resources. Start maximizing your financial goals today by becoming a part of our growing community.

Watch Video Instruction


"Joining the referral program was a game-changer for me. I've been recommending the professional CV services to my friends and colleagues, and the passive income I've earned has been astounding. It's not just a side hustle; it's become a significant part of my income, surpassing what I make in my full-time job. The best part? Getting paid directly into my mobile money account without any hassle."

Kiggundu John Baptist

Frequently Asked Questions

Qn1. What is the AfriCareers Referral Program?

Qn2. How do I Join the Referral Program?

Qn3. How do I get Paid?

Qn4. How does the Referred Friend Make an Order?

Qn5. What is included in the Professional CV Service?

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