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Kampala, Uganda



October 12, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Job Title

Operations Assistant job at Raising The Village

Job Description

The Operations Assistant will support the effective delivery of office operations, inventory, and administration support services to facilitate the efficient and smooth operation of the office.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspect the cleanliness of the PEAL office premises, ensuring they conform to the RTV safety and hazard standards.

  • Oversee staff welfare, office maintenance, and repairs.

  • Undertake regular inspections of the furniture, fittings, and other office assets, immediately alert the Procurement Officer or the designate, and follow up as required.

  • Track and monitor office supplies, including toiletries, ensure availability at any time and consumables and maintain updated contact with the office suppliers to maintain the same.

  • In liaison with the operations team and supervisor, track the usage and payment of all office utilities (rent, water, electricity & internet)

  • Prepare, request, and track all office-related purchases and stock.

  • Assist in onboarding new staff visitors by providing them with the necessary support, showing them around the premises, guiding them on the sitting arrangement, and providing documents and materials for onboarding.

  • Support in bulk printing of project materials such as printing IDs, QR Codes, and other IEC materials

  • Assets/Inventory management:

  • Design, develop, and maintain an inventory/asset retrieval system for efficient asset management and retrieval.

  • Keep track of the inventory for all assets, including printers, desktop computers, and field tablets.

  • Closely monitor the usage and maintenance of all office equipment, ensuring that the set IT and operations rules and regulations are adhered to.

  • Office correspondence management:

  • Sit at the reception desk, manage calls, welcome visitors, attend to telephone, and answer or refer any inquiries.

  • Receive, sort, sign for packages, and distribute items, internal communications, and correspondence within the office and to appropriate persons/staff.

  • Any other duties assigned by the supervisor.

  • Accountability & reporting

  • Prepare and submit timely accountability.

  • Prepare and shelve the monthly office minutes

  • Compile monthly purchases, and utility reports

  • Staff welfare:

  • Coordinate and support the quarterly people & culture staff events

  • Ensure safety and hazard equipment are fully functional and serviced Technical requirements:

  • Minimum qualification of a degree in business administration, education, public administration, or logistics management.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite applications

Qualifications and Competencies

  • The ability to express oneself in English is a MUST

  • Must be able and willing to ride a motorcycle

  • Interpersonal, planning & organizing skills

  • Ability to multitask

  • Must be passionate, self-motivated, and able to adapt. 

  • Strong sense of integrity. 

  • Bachelor Degree

How to Apply

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