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Business Manager job at C-Care Uganda | Apply Now

Are you looking for Management Jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Business Manager job at C-Care Uganda

Kampala, Uganda



March 19, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

C-Care is a leading healthcare provider in Uganda and the region, delivering the most caring medical expertise, always putting our patients first.

Our staff includes some of the most trusted and experienced professionals in their field, giving you peace of mind that your health is in good hands.

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Job Title

Business Manager job at C-Care Uganda

Job Description

To oversee smooth running of the clinic, ensuring that all departments are managed in line with agreed CCARE standards to foster an efficient and effective service delivery system.

The quality of care, both clinically and administrative is key consideration for client care including business growth of the facility in line with set budget both revenue and cost control

Duties and Responsibilities

Operations for the Center

  • Oversee hygiene-cleanliness, lighting and aeration etc.

  • Ambience-lighting, wall art and sitting arrangement.

  • Care pathways-maintaining sensible order.

  • Repairs and remodeling-electric, plumbing and carpentry.

  • Phone Management to include controls and etiquette.

  • Equipment-TVs, water dispensers, etc.

  • Notice board-oversee content and order.

  • Ensure Center Licensing is up to date.

  • Records management for confidentiality and safety.

  • Set in place security controls for staff and clients.

  • Manage supplies from stores –orders, receipt and accountability.

Financial Accountability

  • Agree on annual budgets for the center with the SMO and Business Manager and ensure to keep within limits

  • Ensure revenue targets are met

  • Oversight on billing process, check for fraud, receipts etc, put up appropriate notices to guide on the processes.

  • Ensure timely submission of invoices to Credit Control.

  • Reporting on income and expenditure.

  • Review service charges/costs with other stakeholders.

  • Troubleshoot especially with cash and invoicing clients

HR function

  • Advise HR on staff needs/gaps in number and skills mix.

  • Participate in planning Recruitment, Interview and Selection of new staff i.e write or modify JDs, peruse CVs, constitute interview panel.

  • Trainings

  • Head orientation program for new staff at clinic level.

  • Appraise the team on KPIs and minimum standards.

  • Minimum standards: 100% Attendance, punctuality, appropriate data entry, adherence to EHS, adherence to agreed SOPs in line with ISO/QA recommendations, regular reporting, code of conduct and dress code.

  • Initiate and maintain recognition/reward systems for staff (Motivation)


  • Top-down with purpose of implementation of C-CARE strategies.

  • Bottom-up communication with the purpose of informing strategy.

  • Service handling information for particular clients, insurance companies, corporates etc.

  • Planning, Chairing and following up on action points of department meetings.

  • Attend Management meetings called from time to time.

  • Ensure efficiency in attendance and conducting of Morning briefings

  • Communication to external clients as may be required in consultation with line manager.


  • Submission of required reports should be timely and accurate

  • Timely reporting Client related issues

  • Weekly/ monthly –statistics, management reports, Finance

  • Updating the Dashboard data daily.

Client relations

  • Proactively promote both internal and external client satisfaction by providing regular updates on systems, care pathways, training and feedback.

  • Respond to and managing aspects of client dissatisfaction.

  • Timely close off client relations complaints

  • Hospitality management

  • Training of staff on good customer service practices.

Marketing and Business Growth

  • Develop and adhere to Marketing & business growth plans i.e activation, client mapping and conversion into actual patients, growth of direct invoicing clients attached to the facility

  • Actualization of business products into sales – i.e School clinics, site clinics, cash products, wellness products, etc

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly budgets for marketing activities

  • Ensure expansion of services

  • Monitor Output of current services at your clinic

Stock Management

  • Ensure cost of sales is controlled and managed as per clinic needs

  • Timely and Accurate stock taking process at every month end

  • Accurate documentation of drug consumption and other monitoring tools

Quality and Sustainability

  • Ensure Infection prevention and control mechanisms are adhered to

  • Updated equipment registers and proper storage and use of equipment

  • Manage outbreak response mechanisms

Culture, Policies and Processes

  • Confidentiality

  • Fraud aversion

  • Team adherence to set policies

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Qualifications and Competencies

  • Good and demonstrable leadership skills and business acumen

  • Ability to communicate effectively with the team and to apply broader objectives at team level

  • Competency in resource budgeting and planning

  • Computer literacy especially MS Office

  • Knowledge and ability to use Navision

  • Ability to work without supervision.

  • Ability to fore see problem and inform or advise direct supervisor accordingly.

  • Good and demonstrable understanding of C-CARE philosophy, vision and strategy

  • Good interpersonal and communication (verbal & written) skills

  • Achievement of Business performance indicators including growth and compliance to budget both revenue and growth

  • Timely writing and submission of reports (financial, HR, customer care and operational) as required (weekly or monthly)

  • Team adherence to minimum working hours as per C-CARE policy i.e. 48 hours per week.

  • Punctuality by all team members as per agreed shifts and rotas

  • Attendance of work by all team members

  • Efficient operation within agreed budgets

  • System usage100%. Where it’s down (incident of downtime should be recorded).

  • Productivity of staff and profitability of clinic

  • Level of patient satisfaction as reflected in client feedback/Minimal client care complaints regarding services at the clinic

  • Level of employee satisfaction as reflected in employee satisfaction surveys

  • Level of staff adherence to expected standards of work/ level of disciplinary incidents or misconduct

  • Consistent and timely feedback and troubleshooting.

  • Early preparation and submission of leave and appraisal calendars to appropriate people.

  • Monthly staff meetings done, documented and action points followed up.

  • Set own and monitor departmental Monthly targets and see to their adherence.

  • Timely submission and follow-up of invoices to clients and companies

  • Business growth – Achieve business growth of the facility through increased visits and revenue as per budget.

  • Financial - Compliance to budget both revenue and growth

  • Operations – Maintain Facility hygiene, ambience and licensure

  • Human Resource – 100% resource utilization and performance management, budgeted % of HR cost against revenue.

  • Communication – Professional, Timely and Clear Communication at all times

  • Reporting – Timely and Accurate Report Submission

  • Client Relations – 100% feedback collection and set mechanisms for customer satisfaction

  • Marketing and Business Development – At least 4 marketing activities per month and service expansion

  • Stock Management – Control of cost of sales in line with revenue and Effective and Timely stock taking

  • Quality and Sustainability – Enforce set quality measures as per guidelines

  • Culture, Process and Policies – Adhere to set policies and processes

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How to Apply

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