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Program Coordinator job at World Vision | Apply Now

Are you looking for Human Resource Jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Program Coordinator job at World Vision

Bulisa, Uganda



March 22, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

World Vision International is an ecumenical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization. It was founded in 1950 by Robert Pierce as a service organization to provide care for children in Korea. In 1975, emergency and advocacy work was added to World Vision's objectives.


Job Title

Program Coordinator job at World Vision

Job Description

To provide leadership and management of WVU Programmes Area, Programmes (APs) and grant projects within a designated district/s in the development of Programme and project designs and plans, capacity building and facilitate implementation of AP and grant interventions in a manner that empowers communities, children and local institutions in the AP and Grant Project Area in line with WVU strategic direction, ministry integration and performance standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership and supervision of teams and individual staff

Manage, supervise and build the capacity of Programme staff (APs and grant projects) in quality Programme development, management and implementation:

  • Capacity building of staff (training and coaching sessions of teams and individual staff in organization programming, performance management and implementation)

  • Team and individual staff performance management

  • Coaching, mentoring and counselling sessions for all staff

  • Guidance to program staff in planning and monitoring detailed implementation plans and activities

  • Setting and managing staffing targets and priorities

  • Scale up staff spiritual nurture

Operations planning and implementation

  • Coordinate, guide and facilitate operational planning and implementation of integrated development Programmes and Projects in the Programme Area:

  • Support the rollout of organizational strategic directions, guidelines, tools, models and frameworks

  • Lead the process of baselines, evaluations and planning

  • Mentor staff in translating organization expectations into designs, plans and M&E processes.

  • Monitoring and supervising of timely and quality implementation of APs and grant project annual plans and targets.

  • Lead in the identification and documenting of community needs and fundable ideas.

  • Develop small PNSF proposals for resource mobilization.

Programme monitoring and reporting:

  • Facilitate effective monitoring, evaluation, documentation and reporting in line with agreed organizational targets and standards

  • Establish functional Programme level M&E system and utilization of the information from the M&E database; and contribute M&E data to the National Office integrated M&E database as per agreed schedule

  • Manage AP and grant project information and documentation processes, and ensure effective communication of the program/project results.

  • Provide monthly reports (progress against planned activities, expense against estimated budget, etc.) of program and grant project activities to the Regional Programmes Manager as per agreed schedule

  • Prepare semi-annual and annual reports of Program and grant activities (progress against delivery of outputs and achievement of outcomes, etc.) to the Support Office/donors and the National Office as per the agreed schedule

  • Supervise ongoing program assessments, evaluation and operational research studies, and take the lead in utilizing the recommendations to improve programming

Partnering and Collaborations

  • Build, maintain and effectively manage strategic partnerships and collaborations at the Programme level:

  • Effective representation and participation of the WVU Programmes in relevant District committees such as the District Technical Planning Committee

  • WVU Programme staff are represented and participate actively in the different relevant events organized by partners and stakeholders including district celebrations and events like Farmers Day, World AIDS Day and others.

  • Facilitate staff capacity enhancement on aspects of partnering, collaboration and networking

  • Ensure partner review and reflection events are held periodically

Advocacy, Networking and influencing

  • Guide and spearhead District level advocacy and justice for children in areas of children’s well-being, rights and protection

  • Identify and guide local-level advocacy engagements

  • Build strategic networks, coalitions and alliances on key advocacy issues

  • Advocacy and justice for children integrated into Programme and project operations and plans.

  • Link local-level advocacy engagements with national policy processes.

  • Document lessons and learnings from advocacy engagements

Sponsorship Management

  • Effective management of child sponsorship operations and performance

  • Management of SOIs in line with sponsorship standards.

  • Implementation of child monitoring in line with monitoring standards

  • Ensure that sponsorship business processes are operational in the Programme

  • Oversight support to Programmes on the use of sponsorship data to inform evidence-based programming

  • Guide and support the development of Programme-level business processes

  • Monitor and oversight support in the management of sponsorship performance in compliance with partnership standards

Child Protection

  • Ensure compliance with child protection policy in all Programmes (background checks, protocols, audit recommendations, child protection in sponsorship etc.)

  • Support and lobby the Local Government to ensure the functionality of child protection structures and systems at all levels (formal and informal)

  • Facilitate children to participate in all Programme processes and interventions

  • Support staff and community structures in ensuring appropriate allegation and case management geared towards justice for children

  • Support staff to conduct research and engage in advocacy against child rights violations

  • Ensure capacity building for staff and stakeholders for effective child protection programming

Financial/ Budgeting and Assets Management

  • Budgeting – Annual planning and budgeting for all Programmes and projects in line with planning and budgeting guidelines and timelines

  • Budget management – Programme and project budget expenditures are within the planned time frame and approved budgets

  • Monitor and manage over or under-spending promptly in line with standards

  • Financial management - Financial management and accountability in line with policy guidelines

  • Risk management – Monitor and address or report any risks to management.

  • Asset management - manage assets in the Programmes in line with assets and other policies and set guidelines.

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Qualifications and Competencies

  • Must have a university degree in Development Studies or any related field.

  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience in community development.

  • Must have good analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken. Knowledge of financial and human resource management.

  • Must be able to communicate in a cross-cultural environment.

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How to Apply

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