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Data Center Officer (Operator or Draw) job at True North Consult | Apply Now

Are you looking for Information Technology Jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Data Center Officer (Operator or Draw) job at True North Consult Ltd

Kampala, Uganda



March 15, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

True North Ltd started operations in 2008 under the name Efrivo Services Ltd as an IT & Management consultancy services company. In June 2011, it rebranded under the trade name True North Consult Ltd to reflect its current focus on People Management Advisory Services.
We are proud to be the only people management consultancy in Uganda that is run by qualified Human Resource Management Professionals.

Our niche is in the provision of bespoke management services to organizations of all sizes. The company has a network of over 15 consulting partners with over 10 years hands-on experience in their respective areas of expertise.

Because we are small, every customer is big, therefore you are guaranteed dedicated effort and service from highly qualified and experienced resources.


Job Title

Data Center Officer (Operator or Draw) job at True North Consult Ltd

Job Description

Strategic Impact of the Role
The DC Officer is responsible for technical infrastructure and data center operations support and for facilitating and officiating the lottery draw operations.

Data Centre Operations (Operator) is a critical function in ensuring pro-active monitoring, support and escalations for the entire data center. This includes the pro-active monitoring of all data center, networks and compute infrastructure to ensure maximum availability of the services. The DC Officer is responsible for regular maintenance and technical support for all data center infrastructure.

Data Center Draw Operations is responsible for the facilitation and management of the lottery draw procedures and processes. The draw officer responsibilities include the facilitation of the draw team member, managing the entire draw process, and for ensuring compliance and proper reporting for every completed draw. Lottery draw officiation and procedures are of the utmost importance in ensuring compliant draws and protecting the reputation of the lottery games’ integrity and overall regulatory governance.

Job Purpose
The DC Officer is responsible for technical infrastructure and data center operations support and for facilitating and officiating the lottery draw operations.
DC Officer - responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising activities related to the implementation, maintenance, repairing and monitoring of the server hardware, software and Data Center equipment that support critical systems. Documenting procedures, adhering to change management practices, and leading the work of and training assigned staff.
The primary purpose is to ensure that all lottery system infrastructure is monitored, managed and available for key lottery operations on a daily basis:
• Data Center operations – monitoring, resolving and supporting all DC operations including technical infrastructure support
• Draw Operations – responsible for technical draw operations, monitoring, checklists and reporting

Draw Officer - Ensure accuracy and compliance with statutory requirements regarding the lottery draws and oversee the draw process. The DC Officer’s role is to support the Lottery Draw Manager and the business in upholding the credibility of the National Lottery system through meticulous execution, transparent practices, and collaboration with external auditors to ensure fairness and integrity in all draw processes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Indicators Data Center Operations

  • Collaborate with a variety of internal and external parties (e.g. users, vendors, staff, district clients) for the purpose of implementing and modifying exiting data processing systems, applications settings and procedures.

  • Respond to inquiries from a wide variety of internal and external sources for the purpose of providing technical support and expertise in answering questions and resolving issues related to the day-to-day functioning of the Data Center.

  • Provide support and assistance during software upgrades.

  • Monitor and control the operation of the data center environment to assure the proper operation and high availability.

  • Pro-active monitoring, support and escalation of entire data center environment.

  • Train assigned personnel in the proper, efficient use, and administration of Data Center related software and hardware

  • Monitor, analyze output and perform administration on all peripheral equipment located in the Data Center.

  • Participate in meetings, workshops, and seminars for the purpose of providing and conveying information identifying appropriate actions and developing recommendations.

  • Develop, and maintain the operational procedures, change management procedures, and documentation of Data

  • Center related systems and functional operations.

  • Resolves issues and restores service following system failures and outages as they relate to all enterprise server applications.

  • Adhere to the establish security procedures for the purposes of protecting the hardware and data.

Technical Support (Desktop, 1st line Network & Server)

  • Perform daily administration on Data Center Infrastructure

  • Provide 1st level support for Networks, Infrastructure and end user compute operations.

  • Provide continual evaluation of processes and procedures.

  • Suggest methods to improve area operations, efficiency and service to both internal and external customers.

  • Draw Facilitation, Management & Reporting

Draw Execution

  • To support Lottery Draw Manager to plan, organize, and execute all national lottery draws according to predetermined schedules.

  • To support Lottery Draw Manager, Manage the technical setup of draw equipment, ensuring the random selection of winning numbers and prizes.

  • To support Lottery Draw Manager to conduct the draw process, maintaining strict adherence to established procedures to ensure fairness and transparency.

Integrity and Compliance

  • Ensure the integrity of the draw process, including the prevention of any unauthorized access or tampering.

  • Collaborate with legal and regulatory teams to stay updated on relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of best practices in lottery draw management. External Auditing

  • Liaise with external auditors to facilitate independent reviews of the draw process.

  • Provide auditors with necessary information, data, and access to ensure accurate and unbiased evaluations.

  • Address any findings or recommendations from external audits to continually enhance the draw process.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Maintain accurate records of each draw, including draw procedures, equipment used, and results.

  • Generate detailed reports for management and regulatory bodies regarding draw outcomes and adherence to standards.

  • Prepare reports summarizing audit findings and subsequent actions taken to address any identified issues.

  • Quality Control

  • Develop and implement quality control processes to ensure draws are error-free and meet established standards.

  • Regularly review draw procedures and processes to identify opportunities for improvement and increased efficiency.

Public Communication

  • Collaborate with the communication and public relations teams to provide accurate information about draw procedures and outcomes to the public.

  • Address any queries or concerns related to draw integrity, ensuring transparency and building public trust.

Emergency Response

  • Supports the Lottery Draw Manager to develop contingency plans for unexpected events that could impact the draw process, such as technical failures or natural disasters.

  • Ensure the availability of backup systems and procedures to maintain draw integrity under various circumstances.

  • Perform audits, monitor compliance to regulations and uphold security standard

  • Planning and Preparation of the draws,

  • Calculation and verification of Prize total funds and estimated jackpots.

  • Preparation and submission of draw reports after every draw.

  • Ensuring that processes are complied with according to the compliance standards and procedures.

  • Being proactive, not reactive within the company and preventing possible non- compliant actions before consequences occur.

  • Assisting in the development and review of draw procedures.

  • Ensuring accurate jackpot payments are made on the system.

  • Support all employees who are participating in the planning and execution of draw events and make sure they are informed of procedural and regulatory requirements and that they comply with all legislation and regulations with regard to draws.

  • Conduct the administration of all draw processes.

  • Ensuring the credibility and integrity of the drawing process and ensuring that it is carried out in terms of the laid down procedures and compliance to the agreed auditing firm requirements.

  • Contribute to the development of policies and procedures to be implemented in the event of security breaches or any other compromise of the draw process.

  • Contribute to the testing and implementation of projects in the company related to the draw processes and development of draw procedures.

  • Conduct the pre-draw audits of the draw machines within 24 hours of the draw process and ensure that users during the draw process are competent in this regard.

  • Ensure maintenance of the equipment used in the draw process.

  • Assist in the audit process in the case of external audits as prescribed by the National Lotteries Board providing and presenting the necessary information and documentation as per request.

  • Report to the Lottery Marketing Manager on the findings of the external audit process and present findings and recommendations in this regard.

  • Draft incident reports for findings in the draw process with Independent Auditors.

  • Assist the financial crime prevention unit during fraud investigations by supplying the requested documentation concerning the draw process, security measures and irregularities.

  • Provide information to the Public Relations team to ensure accurate publishing of results and pay-out information.

  • Escalate any issues arising on the draw

  • Process as per the escalation procedure on any issues detected.

Assisting in promotional events

  • Support the pre-draw site inspections of the broadcast location and ensure that the broadcasting requirements can be met. Take corrective action in this regard when necessary.

  • Enforce the contingency management plan to ensure the delivery of a successful and professional live draw broadcasting event.

  • Assist with any duties related to the draw event in the absence of key personnel responsible for such duties.

  • Participate in the design and execution of promotional events in collaboration with the marketing team.

  • Managing relationships with external service providers who provide products and services.

Administration and customer service

  • Work together with the direct lead, and IT support team to resolve customer queries relating to the draw process.

  • Work together with the Production house, Independent Auditors to ensure the accuracy and correctness of all draw information.

  • Working together with the Marketing team on draw-related queries and providing draw information.

  • Ensure that documents are protected, stored and made available to auditors.

  • Assist in documenting the draw process and adherence to security features according to organizational and statutory requirements

  • Updating the website, Mobility, mobile app, social media platforms and Interactive Voice response (IVR) with latest draw information

  • Contribute to the development of lockdown policies and procedures to be implemented in the event of security breaches or any other compromise of the draw process


  • Conduct research on the latest trends regarding security, validity and public involvement with regards to the draw process and present findings and recommendations to direct report.

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Qualifications and Competencies

Education, Training, Skills & Experience Qualifications Required

  • Diploma/degree within related field, Business Management/Auditing/Information Technology

  • NQF Level 7: Relevant recognized 4- year (NQF Level 7) post matric qualification Degree within related field, and

  • Technical Certification: A+ / N+ / COMPTIA / MSCE / Data Center Management

Qualifications Preferred

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, Business Management, Auditing, Information Technology (e.g., mathematics, statistics, business administration).

  • Technical certifications/qualifications in Information Technology

  • infrastructure management (Data center, servers, desktops, networks)

Experience Required

  • 4 years general business and/or technology management

  • 4 years + IT Data Center operations

  • 2 years + governance, auditing and internal controls

  • 2 years Management Information Reports

Experience Preferred

  • 6 years + experience IT Technical (Servers, Networks, Applications)

  • 6 years business management in governance, compliance, audits and internal controls

  • Experience in the lottery or gaming industry preferable

  • Previous experience in lottery draw management and/or Information Technology operations would be a plus.


  • Knowledge of lottery regulations, industry standards, and compliance requirements.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the gaming industry

  • Knowledge of gaming products and services

  • Knowledge of physical security systems, techniques and procedures

  • Basic knowledge of lottery rules and regulations applicable to lottery drawings

  • Knowledge of Information Technology data center infrastructure.

  • Technical Information Technology knowledge, understanding and experience.

  • Basic understanding of ICT monitoring frameworks, principles, policies and procedures


  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

  • Procedure drafting and review.

  • High attention to detail.

  • Interpersonal skills.

  • Oral and written communication skills.

  • Ability to apply good judgment and discretion.

  • Ability to utilize computer software i.e. Microsoft package, Adobe photoshop, adobe InDesign.

  • Adaptability.

  • Teamwork.

  • Time Management.

  • Multitasking.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Ability to work shifts


  • Integrity

  • Being truthful

  • Adherence to polices and processes

  • Walks the talk – sets an example.

  • Teamwork

  • Supporting others

  • Offering help even when work is outside of area of responsibility

  • Understanding that the purpose is to unite and achieve the company goals for the benefit of all


  • Consideration of others

  • Being polite and helpful

  • Acknowledging the presence of others

  • Uplifting others

  • Performance Driven

  • Commitment to work deliverables

  • Approaching work with enthusiasm and pride

  • Sharing knowledge

  • Encouraging teams members to do better

  • Accountable

  • Own up to mistakes

  • Take responsibility for actions

  • Owns the role that they play and takes their job seriously

Professional Excellence

  • Respecting the company, its assets and all its rules

  • Being courteous to clients

  • Seeking to bring out the best in others to enhance the company

  • Being confidential and respecting hierarchy



  • Expresses information to individuals or groups, taking into account the audience and the nature of information.

  • Information is organized in a logical manner.

  • Receives, attends to, interprets, understands and responds to verbal messages.

  • Understands complex instructions


  • Consistently maintains accuracy in his/her work.

  • yImplements systems to proactively prevent errors from occurring.

  • Takes accountability for any errors made, and reports these to the appropriate person.

  • Maintains high level of accuracy even


  • Behaves ethically by abiding by a strict code of ethics and behavior.

  • Chooses an ethical course of action and does the right thing, even in the face of opposition.

  • Takes responsibility for accomplishing work goals, ones decisions and actions and attempts to learn from mistakes.

  • Honors the confidentiality of matters and does not use it for personal gain.


  • Expresses information to individuals or groups taking into account the audience and the nature of information.

  • Information is organized in a logical manner.

  • Receives, attends to, interprets, understands and responds to verbal messages.

  • Understands complex instructions

Team Work

  • Recognizes the role of the team within the organization and how the team contributes to the attainment of organizational goals.

  • Recognizes team member's needs, and provides emotional and tangible support as required.

  • Establishes a friendly atmosphere within the team to generate morale and cooperation

Computer Skills

  • Understands the computer system used.

  • Enters data into computer files quickly, with an acceptable degree of accuracy.

  • Takes note of potential problems such as corrupt files etc., and takes prompt action to rectify such so as to safeguard information


  • Demonstrates a high regard for people, optimizes their outputs and effectively manages relationships in order to achieve business goals.

  • Leads and directs with passion, enthusiasm and through demonstrating a high degree of ethics and integrity.

  • Influences and motivates the team.

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How to Apply

To apply submit a cover letter and CV to with subject line Data Centre Officer



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