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Client Liaison Officer job at Marie Stopes Uganda | Apply Now

Are you looking for Administrative jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Client Liaison Officer job at Marie Stopes Uganda

Kampala, Uganda



April 12, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Marie Stopes UG is the largest and most specialised sexual and reproductive health organisation in Uganda providing a wide range of high quality, affordable, client-centred services. For more than 27 years, we have continued to provide services to Ugandan women, men and young people.


Job Title

Client Liaison Officer job at Marie Stopes Uganda

Job Description

Working hand in hand with and reporting to the Operations Coordinator, the Client Liaison Officer’s main role is to maintain the high administrative and client care standards expected by MSI and actively work to promote the smooth running of the Hospital and contribute to improved financial performance.
This post holder will be able to work productively with the Hospital Clinical and non-Clinical staff to ensure client satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customer Service

  • Coordination

  • Financial Administration

  • Records Management

  • Reporting

Customer Service

  • Maintain the best customer handling standards and train all staff at the Hospital to provide the best customer experience.

  • Usher in clients warmly and ensure that they have a swift pleasant experience through efficiency of service and minimize client waiting time.

  • Feedback collection

  • Client follows up, support and build positive relationship to increase client loyalty and promptly resolve client complaints.

  • Follow up on all patients who visited the hospital the previous day and submit the report by 12pm of the current day

  • Queue management- check on each patient in the waiting area and ensure that they are attended to in a timely manner.

  • Pending results/imaging/medication- using the laboratory/scan or dispensing record books, follow up on the status of pending actions and share feedback with supervisor/team leader or assigned personnel

  • Excellent customer Service

  • Minimised patient waiting time.

  • Evidence of client loyalty

  • Accurate record of client feedback of up to a minimum of 70% collection during day shift and 100% during night shift

  • Timely resolution of client feedback-within 24hours


  • Shift accountability

  • Ensure that all hospital staff/teams are fully constituted and are on time at their respective duty stations in proper working gears.

  • Ensure that your duty stations, consultation rooms and hospital areas are tidy/clean and organised for the shift.

  • Operations-ensure that the Hospital is fully operational in terms of power, generator, water, phones, office equipment, supplies and communicate any interruptions immediately.

  • Phone and email correspondences- Answering calls and emails plus redirecting incoming and outgoing correspondences in a timely manner.

  • Rota management- participate in scheduling and management of departmental rotas to ensure coverage at all times and communicate any changes to your supervisor in a timely manner.

  • Office supplies- Ensure timely requisition of hospital supplies to avoid stock outs.

  • Coordination and attendance of stand up by 7:45am or 7:45pm

  • 100% attendance of scheduled meetings

  • Secretary in staff meetings

  • Staff registration and 100% submission of locum invoices for all staff

  • Submission of rota by 25th of current month

  • Phone etiquette

  • Requisition of hospital supplies by the 3rd day of the next month.

Financial Administration

Petty cash management

  • Ensure all payments are approved and petty cash vouchers signed completely before issuing money.

  • Petty cash refill (mobile money and beyonic payments)

  • Ensure proper reconciliation of Petty cash.

  • Attach supporting documents to all payments done.

  • Safe access and thresthold.


  • Ensure all billing accessories/gadgets are in place and in good working condition. Communicate any network interruption for SMART, tracksol, Visa machines or electronic payments (beyonic or mobile money) that might hinder billing

  • Timely update and daily issuance of accurate interim bills to admitted patients.

  • Activate accounts for cash and corporate patients and ensure there is a duly signed claim form where applicable and data captured accurately.

Collecting co-payments or other fees upon admittance

  • Completion of claim forms and ensuring that they are vetted by the doctors before submission to supervisor on a daily basis.

  • Preparing bills and invoices, and documenting amounts due for medical procedures and services.

  • Collecting and reviewing referrals and pre-authorizations for approval before services are given or as hospital procedure.

  • Following up on missed payments, missed opportunities, and resolving financial discrepancies before end of shift.

  • Investigating and appealing denied/rejected claims/bills and timely re submission.


  • Ensure timely receipting of all payments received (electronic/online like beyonic, mobile money, visa, cash and cheques) and reconciliation on a daily basis.

  • Receive only approved currencies as per finance guidelines.

  • Verify all cash collected using the gadgets in place to avoid fake notes.

  • Keep record of all originals for cancelled receipts/communications for future reference

  • Report any positive or negative variances in a timely manner to your supervisor.

  • Collect and keep change available at all times to carry out cash transactions

  • Store cash, cheques and vouchers securely as per the department guidelines

Specialist schedules

  • Prepare and update daily specialist schedules and submit for verification and payment


  • Daily banking of all cash collections by 9am of the following day and submit the banking and shift report copies to your supervisor on a daily basis.

  • Accuracy in filing and documentation

  • Accuracy in Petty cash reconciliation.

  • Timely discharge of patients (by 11am)

  • 100% collection of co-payments

  • Zero rejection of insurance claims

  • 100% collection of expected revenue from clients (cash and insurance)

  • 100% accuracy in capturing of bills.

Records Management

  • Ensuring the patient’s medical information is captured accurately and up to date.

  • Ensure confidentiality and maintenance of all medical and non-medical records.

  • File neatly, label, store safely and maintain accurate records

  • Keep an updated inventory record of all MSU property at the Hospital.

  • Accurate patients’ data entry

  • Inventory submission by the 3rd day of every new month


  • Compile and submit the required reports in a timely manner to the respective personness.

  • Daily shift reports (at end of shift)

  • Missed opportunities (at end of shift)

  • Customer care call back reports (including pending results or prescriptions) by 12pm of the next day.

  • Specialist schedules-daily and at end month

  • Petty cash-whenever float is required.

  • Performance report- daily update and at end month

  • Insurance claims submission plus SMART and OFF SMART reimbursement reports- by the 17th day of current month and last batch by the 3rd of the next month Accurate/detailed and timely reports

Become a CPA

Qualifications and Competencies

  • University Degree in Business Administration or related discipline

  • At least 2 years’ experience in any administrative role, Business development, cashier and or billing


  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including MS Excel, Power point and internet is mandatory.

  • Proven excellent technical oral, written, and editing abilities; ability to present and write influentially for multiple audiences

  • Ability to work well with others in team environments, build consensus and drive change

  • Must be able to satisfy stakeholders;

  • Should be able to work in deadline driven/results orientated atmospheres

  • Strong people management skills

  • Able to think strategically and a good planner

  • Able to manage and motivate teams to achieve targets and to achieve organisational change.

  • Possess leadership personality, and able to take on and solve problems quickly and efficiently

  • Ability to stay on track and deliver even under pressure.

  • Willingness to work beyond the stipulated business working

Enroll for CPA Uganda Course

How to Apply

To apply for the position, Applicants must send their applications to the Email: . (They must attach their CVs) and indicate the position they are applying for in the Subject line.
Marie Stopes Uganda is an equal opportunities employer, committed to safeguarding humanity and expects all position holders to share this commitment.


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