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Kampala, Uganda



February 15, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

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About the Organisation

Pollicy functions at the intersection of data, technology and design to improve government service delivery.


Job Title

Microsite Developer job at Pollicy

Job Description

The microsite development will provide visibility of Pollicy’s Future of Work program, which aims to empower women media practitioners across multiple African countries. The program is implemented in Uganda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Tanzania, Cameroon, Senegal, and Mozambique. The program covers Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusophone African countries.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Create a dedicated microsite and repository to showcase the program activities, and products including blogs, podcasts, reports, videos, etc, and showcase program impact, goals, and ongoing initiatives of the Future of Work program.

  • Provide a user-friendly platform for stakeholders, including women journalists, media practitioners, leaders, activists, educators, technologists, creatives, and community organizers, to access information, resources, and updates.

Key Features of the Micro-Site:

  • Interactive Map: Highlight the program’s presence in different countries.

  • Success Stories: Showcase achievements and positive outcomes from the engagement of women media practitioners.

  • Resource Hub: Centralize documents, blogs, Videos, podcasts, reports, and other relevant materials created by program participants

  • Event Calendar: Display upcoming events, consultations, and awards related to the program.

  • Afrofeminist Internet Awards info page

  • Country partner highlight and communities of practice

  • Target Audience:

  • The microsite will cater to a diverse audience, including program participants, partners, and individuals interested in promoting a feminist internet, digital resilience, and online safety. development.

Qualifications and Competencies

Technical Requirements:

Responsive Design:

  • Ensure compatibility with various devices and screen sizes.


  • Implement measures to protect user data and ensure privacy.

Content Management System (CMS):

  • Utilize a user-friendly CMS for easy content updates.


  • Collaborate with the program’s in-country partners to gather relevant content and insights.

  • Regularly engage with the Pollicy team for feedback and updates.


  • The microsite development should be completed within a month to align with the program’s expansion. [29th February 2024]

Reporting and Evaluation:

  • Provide regular progress reports on the development process.

  • Conduct user testing to ensure the microsite meets the needs of its target audience.

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How to Apply

A detailed budget proposal for the microsite development, including costs for design, development, hosting, and maintenance can be sent to

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