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Welding / NDE Specialist – (AGI – Construction & Quality) job at Q-Sourcing | Apply Now

Are you looking for Engineering Jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Welding / NDE Specialist – (AGI – Construction & Quality) job at Q-Sourcing Limited

Kampala, Uganda



April 3, 2024 at 9:00:00 AM

About the Organisation

Q-Sourcing is a leading HR and business process outsourcing firm that provides comprehensive staffing solutions, workforce management, and consultancy services. They cater to diverse industries including energy, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, and agriculture. Renowned for their tailored approach, Q-Sourcing focuses on enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness through innovative human resource practices and cutting-edge technology. With a strong commitment to excellence, they support businesses in achieving their goals by offering expert recruitment, training, payroll management, and compliance services.


Job Title

Welding / NDE Specialist – (AGI – Construction & Quality) job at Q-Sourcing Limited

Job Description

The Construction & Quality Welding and NDT Specialist is responsible for the overall coordination and the performance of the day-to-day Welding and NDT process activities of the main works CONTRACTORs on the EACOP Project.

With the support of the Welding and NDT Field Engineering, He/She will develop and implement a WQMS (Welding and NDT Qualification Management Strategy) based on Welding and NDT approved processes and compliance strategies of the main Construction CONTRACTORs.

This will be interfaced with the onsite construction and fabrication sequences and support the facilitation of the Welding and NDT qualification for the CONTRACTOR based on the applicable construction strategy and Construction CONTRACTOR’s supplied data.

They will ensure work is carried out using safe working practices and is completed in accordance with the project codes, standards, drawings, and specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Directly supporting EACOP & the CONTRACTORs ensuring delivery of the EACOP Project, whether pipeline or Above Ground Installations.

  • Implement, use, and communicate safe work practices on and off the Project Sites.

  • Mentor exemplary behaviour regarding Project H3SE policy.

  • Support CONTRACTOR Construction Engineering in accordance project requirements and procedures.

  • Collaborate with CONTRACTOR to ensure accurate interpretation of procedures and provide technical support to address challenges.

  • Evaluate CONTRACTOR method statements and work procedures in conjunction with Welding and NDT Field Engineering.

  • Develop and implement a Welding and NDT Qualification Management System (WQMS) aligned with project-specific welding strategies.

  • Uphold adherence to Materials, Welding, and NDT processes in accordance with Project specifications and requirements.

  • Coordinate necessary inspections and testing with the Construction Quality Lead, ensuring compliance with Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) hold points.

  • Ensure the competency and proper training of the Welding and NDT workforce at site.

  • Oversee the maintenance and daily checks of Welding and NDT equipment, as well as the preservation of materials according to supplier recommendations.

  • Manage work acceptance operations and oversee punch list follow-ups.

  • Monitor Welding repairs and NDT activities, ensuring alignment with manufacturer recommendations.

  • Oversee CONTRACTOR’s management of material storage, including weather control, expiration dates, and stock provisions.

  • Ensure CONTRACTOR plans and utilizes adequate facilities, equipment, and calibrated tools for Welding works.

  • Facilitate the implementation of training programs and qualification processes for operators by the CONTRACTOR.

  • Track all materials used in pipeline construction, including joint numbers, lengths, and certifications for pipe stock, fittings, and consumables.

  • Assist Field Welding Engineers in coordinating failure and root cause analyses for Welding-related issues.

  • Conduct technical audits of CONTRACTOR and Vendor systems pertaining to all Welding and NDT processes.

  • Actively participate in Welding and NDT process initiatives, emphasizing weld quality and optimizing production throughput.

  • Review Vendor and Construction CONTRACTOR documentation packages for Welding and NDT processes.


  • Ensure compliance with In-Country rules, regulations, shareholder and governmental agreements, and standards relevant to project activities and project implementation in compliance with requirements in construction deliverables and site activities.

  • Ensure compliance with project requirements and regulatory frame in pipeline construction related activities.

  • Supporting and coordination EACOP project teams.

  • Supporting and coordination EACOP project teams processes.

  • Performing surveillance and monitoring of production work

  • Performing / witnessing quality inspections

  • Ensuring ITP’s and referenced procedures are adhered to Validation of COMPANY CONTRACTOR test results

  • Signing off on relevant intervention points on ITP’s

  • Liaising with relevant Quality management on status / progress / non-conforming actions / – tests / – materials

  • Filing relevant records and compiling daily reports

  • Facilitating the COMPANY CONTRACTOR’s management of any detected non-conformance

  • Overseeing the progressive compilation of Production Completion Dossiers

Become a CPA

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience required a similar role on large scale Construction projects, preferably in Oil & Gas or other similar projects,

  • QC Supervisor (Welding / NDE) shall be CSWIP 3.1 certified or equivalent as a minimum and preferable.

  • NDT personnel certified in accordance with ISO 9712 or ASNT CP-189 on some techniques: (UT, RT, MT, PT) is a plus,

  • Minimum 3 years proven experience in Welding as well as shop and field piping and structural Welding engineering activities in the Oil & Gas sectors.

  • Experience working with and analyzing Welding and NDT data to report accurate KPI’s 7 non-compliance trends.

  • A thorough knowledge of applicable international codes, standards & Company/Operators standards

  • Working knowledge of national & local regulatory frameworks (laws, regulations, guidelines, policies)


  • Proficient in industry applications, including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).

  • Comprehensive knowledge and compliance within certification frameworks (CSWIP, BGAS, PCN, AWS, NACE).

  • In-depth understanding of industry codes and standards (ASME, API, AWS) and interpretation of fabrication drawings.

  • Expertise in various welding processes (SMAW, FCAW, GTAW).

  • Strong communication skills to articulate engineering concerns and solutions to individuals with diverse technical backgrounds.

  • Thorough knowledge of destructive and non-destructive testing for WPQR and WPS qualification.

  • Competent in NDE techniques (RT, UT, MT, PT) and reviewing NDE reports.

  • Effective collaboration in diverse, multidisciplinary team environments with interface management experience.

  • Experience in working with multicultural contractors and reporting on their performance.

  • Autonomous, self-motivated, and adaptable, with proficiency in interpreting engineering drawings and plans, understanding critical path and milestones, and a focus on meeting project deliverables. and NDT Supporting and coordination EACOP project teams processes.

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