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Kampala, Uganda



October 6, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

With Viamo, NGOs, government agencies, donors and businesses can communicate directly with the people they intend to reach via mobile. We make your transition to digital easy.

Job Title

Viamo Platform Manager job at Viamo

Job Description

As the Viamo Platform Manager (VPM) for Uganda, you will be responsible for ensuring a high quality and an impactful mobile service. You must be able to empathise with the Viamo Platform’s end users to understand their needs to access information as well as products and services offered by our clients. You will work closely with the global and country team to deliver socially impactful experiences to both our end users and clients through the platform. As the IVR Platform expert, you will be expected to take ownership of the following:
• Mobile Network Operator Relationship Management
• Content Management
• Platform User Experience
• Platform Strategy and Growth
• Maintenance and Operations
• Monitoring & Reporting
• You will help ensure that platform content follows best practices, and messages are translated, recorded and pre-tested correctly. You will be the IVR platform expert, identifying the content needs of end users, building the audio and text trees (using the Viamo Cloud Software), updating content, and troubleshooting. You will play a key role in monitoring the continued quality and success of the Service, piloting and evaluating new initiatives, and reporting to Mobile Network Operators and business partners.

Duties and Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

Manage Platform Operations

  • Master all functionality of the Viamo Cloud Software for the creation and management of IVR user journeys by leveraging global best practices.

  • Continually monitor and test the platform on a daily basis and solve any problems that arise.

  • Monitor and track all performance and user experience indicators and be the first to identify positive or negative trends that can inform decisions to improve impact.

  • Create and organise the content scripts to share with the team for translation and recording followed by quality assurance to ensure that all received content is of high quality, in the agreed-upon format, and delivered on time.

  • Produce marketing material for e.g. SMS and voice scripts and schedule campaigns as per the agreed plan.

  • Co-create and Execute Platform Growth Strategy

  • Connect with end users to determine content areas that will help build partnerships to drive growth on the platform.

  • Research the content and media landscape to discover content sources that will help address end-user needs.

  • Test alternate marketing channels to drive new users to the platform and measure the ROI for experiments.

  • Synthesise local insights and work together with the global team to produce a long-term growth strategy and roadmap.

  • Support the local in-country programs staff with platform end-user insights that will help them sell products on platform.

  • Explore and develop ATL and BTL marketing partnerships to drive platform growth

  • Content Management

  • Identify the content needs of end users and conduct business development with potential partners to source content that will transform the platform to a mobile lifestyle partner for our end-users.

  • Ensure that the platform provides the highest quality of value proposition by ensuring it has updated and relevant content all the time.

  • Work with local country staff and cross-departmental global teams to manage partners’ content on platform to ensure their outcomes are met and end-users receive the intended benefits.

Test and Impact

  • Pilot and test new ideas to improve user experience, increase impact and achieve targets

  • Work with the global platform team to create and run content, marketing, and user experience pilots and measure the impact to the platform engagement and revenue.

  • Learn from experiments conducted globally and replicate after local customization.

  • Manage Partner Relationships

  • Engage with mobile network operator(s) to create mass awareness of the platform through marketing to reach our target audience.

  • Negotiate with mobile network operator(s) to secure marketing growth levers on a scalable business model.

  • Manage content partnerships to understand and guide the client needs to create delight and ensure that they see continued value in the service.

  • Share data-driven insights and create actionable reports as agreed with the partner to improve impact delivered by their content.

  • Provide Project Management Support

  • Monitor deployment of different products and projects on the platform and advise the implementation team on best practices.

  • Monitor and document performance metrics, end user engagement, and impact to inform appropriate changes to project approach and overall implementation as needed.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Platform Impact

  • Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

  • Monthly User Benefits (MUBs)

  • User Engagement

  • Caller to Listener Ratio

  • Benefits per User

  • Month-on-Month User Retention

  • Revenue on Platform (not a current KPI but expected in the future)

  • Percentage of Registered Users on Platform

  • Number of Dynamic Content Partnerships

  • Team and Reporting Structure

  • Reports to the Regional Viamo Platform Manager

Qualifications and Competencies



  • University degree in Computer Science, IT, Engineering, and/or Business

  • 3+ years of professional experience, preferably in IT product management or working with mobile value added services

  • Mastery of computers and mobile technology with proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Experience with data collection and data monitoring, particularly product growth and engagement metrics

  • Experience with conducting user research and synthesising insights into product roadmaps.

  • Experience of working with third parties and managing partnerships, especially content creators

  • Excellent project and programme management skills with emphasis on customer service.

  • Experience with content creation, especially for social and behaviour change.

  • Fluency in at least 2 of these local languages; Luganda, Runyakitara, Ateso, Luo and Lugbara.

  • Demonstrated ability to multitask, prioritise and coordinate with thorough attention to detail.

  • Proven ability to work independently, flexibility and willingness to adapt to new tasks as needed.


  • Previous experience working with a Mobile Network Operator or IVR/USSD VAS service.

  • Experience in content development for mobile.

  • Experience of working with media and content production partners for e.g. radio stations.

  • Ability to perform basic quantitative and qualitative analysis to gauge platform health and performance.

How to Apply

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