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Kampala, Uganda



October 24, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

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About the Organisation

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries is a Government Ministry charged with creating an enabling environment in the Agricultural Sector. It is commonly known as Ministry of Agriculture and carries out its role by enhancing crop production, improving food and nutrition security, widening export base and improved incomes of the farmers.

The Ministry is the overseer of the Agricultural sector where it formulates, reviews and implement national policies, plans, strategies, regulations and standards and enforce laws, regulations and standards along the value chain of crops, livestock and fisheries

Job Title

Senior Social Development Officer job at Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries

Job Description

The objective of the assignment is to lead and ensure management of social risks and impacts on the project in compliance with the social policies, laws and regulations governing both World Bank and GOU.

Objectives of the Assignment
The objective of the assignment is to lead and ensure management of social risks and impacts on the project in compliance with the social policies, laws and regulations governing both World Bank and GOU. In addition, the specialist will ensure that all social safeguard policies are followed during the implementation of all project activities. Provide support for social development inputs including leading the interpretation and translation of all the social issues in the Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Project Implementation Manual (PIM), Environment and Social Frameworks (ESMF, ESCP, SEF, RPF, PF and VMGF) to implementable actionable plans. The officer shall support the identification and flagging of additional project related social risks and recommending social risk management measures. She/he will be responsible for the community-based services in the project including but not limited to social impact and socio-economic studies, resettlement planning and implementation, stakeholder consultation, engagement, and mindset change.

Key Result Areas
The following shall be the core deliverables of the Senior Social Development Officer.
Social assessments/ screening, and Environment and Social Management Plans prepared and implemented
Stakeholder engagement plan prepared and implemented
Grievance Redress Mechanism established and functional
Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Plan prepared and implemented
Resettlement Action Plan prepared and implemented
Census/inventory of land acquisition for major project investments
Labour management procedures adopted and implemented
Capacity building plan with a schedule of activities and implementation of the same

Duties and Responsibilities

Key roles and Responsibilities

  • Lead and support the interpretation and translation of social risks in the Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Project Implementation Manual (PIM), Environment and Social Frameworks instruments (ESMF, ESCP, SEF, RPF, PF and VMGF) to implementable action plans.

  • Operationalizing the social safeguards instruments including Resettlement Policy framework and Process Framework, and support preparation of the resettlement action plans including instituting appropriate mechanism of consultations and information relay on rights and legislation on involuntary land acquisition, stakeholder engagement, complaint handling mechanisms, etc

  • Coordinating the mainstreaming of social issues in project design and implementation in accordance with agreed safeguard instruments (Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Resettlement Policy Framework/Resettlement Action Plan (RPF/RAP), Process Framework (PF) and Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Framework (VMGA).

  • Advising and/or providing quality operational support on safeguards and non-safeguards related social development issues at both the design and implementation phases, including advice on identification of social impacts associated with the environmental assessment process in close collaboration with Environmental Officer.

  • Review the planning and procurement procedures to ensure that (i) the social requirements are included and costed in contract documents, (ii) social safeguards milestones are included in the contractor's certificates for payment, and (iii) social conditions of approval on the NEMA certificates and other statutory approvals are well considered.

  • Support the consultant conducting social assessments (ESIA/RAPs) in the communities affected by major the project to understand how these will be affected by the project and develop mechanisms to increase positive impacts or mitigate expected negative impacts. Conduct censuses of persons affected by land acquisition, resettlement or the loss of assets or livelihoods due to major project infrastructural development (including establishing the socio-economic status of the affected households) that will be used as the basis for followup surveys to determine whether or not the incomes of the affected persons are fully restored or improved as the result of the project.

  • Supervise the development of RAPs, stakeholder consultation and, ensure the quality of the required reports and supporting documents

  • Review reports produced by the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Consultants and or Resettlement Action Plan Consultants to ensure that they adequately address the social dimensions of the project, including gender issues and women's empowerment.

  • Spearhead all matters relating to stakeholder engagement, and community participation and consultation and any other social related issues that may result from and/or impact the project. She/he will guide and support implementation mechanisms for pre-project consultations.

  • Establish a grievance redress mechanism for the project that ensures that all grievances (verbal and written), are registered, transmitted to responsible authorities, addressed in a timely manner and reported back to the aggrieved parties. This will include the support to establishment of Grievance Redress Committee (GRCs) and enhancing their capacity to record, report, resolve, refer and follow up closure of grievance related to the project including those resulting from involuntary resettlement and injurious affection due to implementation of the project. Ensure that all grievances are received, documented, and adequately channeled and followed up by the GRCs. She/he will monitor and report on the functionality of the mechanisms throughout the project implementation.

  • Monitor implementation of RAPs to determine the extent to which procedures and outcomes are consistent throughout the entire project spread, identifying and reporting on discrepancies in the effectiveness of implementation of cut-off dates, valuation, eligibility, registration, payment, or other elements, to the attention of local officials, the RAP committees and MAAIF.

  • Conducting awareness creation and sensitization of the communities on social, equity and gender dimensions of the programme along with suggested safeguards.

  • Participating in implementation of all social issues including safeguards; facilitate the preparation of action plans and review implementation social issues documentation required by the World Bank to ensure that social issues have been adequately addressed and that the project is in compliance with the safeguard standards, particularly those on involuntary resettlement and stakeholder engagement.

  • Adopt and implement Process Framework with focus on promotion of alternative income generating activities to displace previous livelihood activities which were incompatible with the existing laws and regulations of the impacted Protected Areas (PAs).

  • Adopt and implement a Cultural Heritage Management Plan as part of the ESMF, ESMP, in accordance with the guidelines of the ESIA/ESMP to be prepared for the individual subproject activities, and consistent with relevant standards in the ESF.

  • Adopt and implement the Labor Management Procedures (LMP) for the Project, including, inter alia, provisions on working conditions, management of worker’s relationships, occupational safety and health (including personal protective equipment, and emergency preparedness and response), code of conduct (including relating to SEA and SH), forced labor, child labor, grievance arrangements for Project workers, and applicable requirements for contractors, subcontractors, and supervising teams.

  • Assess and implement measures to manage the security risks of the Project, including the risks of engaging security personnel to safeguard project workers, sites, assets, and activities, as set out in the Security Management Plan in the ESMF, guided by the principles of proportionality and Good International Industry Practices (GIIP), and by applicable law, in relation to hiring, rules of conduct, training, equipping, and monitoring of such personnel.

  • Support the preparation of the Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Plan (VMGP) and ensure meaningful consultations with the VMGPs are conducted during project implementation.

  • Working with the relevant districts and in line with Agriculture Sector HIV/AIDS policy, ensure that within the scope of the project HIV/AIDS interventions are developed, costed and implemented.

  • Participate in the planning and execution of safeguards in tracking of project capacity building initiatives for MAAIF staff and other stakeholders.

  • Participate in planning, monitoring, and regularly prepare reports on the social safeguards function in the Project, including but not limited to the implementation of the ESCP, stakeholder engagement activities, any land acquisition activities, GBV or SEA/SH mitigation activities and functioning of the grievance mechanism(s).

  • Take part in the development and review of the Project Operations Manual and other necessary documents and manuals.

  • Contribute to the development of new tools and methodologies for addressing social risks and impacts in all related projects.

  • Ensure that relevant government agencies, including Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (Attn: Chief Government Valuer) and other local officials are well informed on issues related to the preparation and implementation of RAP/s.

  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Qualifications and Competencies

Qualifications, Experience and Competences a) Qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in Applied Social Sciences (Social Work, Anthropology, Sociology, Gender studies, Development Studies) and a bachelor’s degree in the same fields from a recognized university. Additional professional qualifications in related fields including Project planning and management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Law will be an added advantage.


  • At least Six (6) years of relevant professional experience in field assessment and management of social risks and impacts.

  • Should have experience in conflict resolution in the context of development projects as well as proven expertise and experience of at least three (3) years in applying the World Bank’s safeguards policies or the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and the Uganda’s National Safeguards policies relating to social risk management, gender, equal opportunities, and inclusiveness, etc.

  • Experience and skills in undertaking social assessments, developing plans and supporting social action plan implementation.

  • Knowledge and experience in stakeholder analysis, engagement and managing conflicts

  • Experience in handling similar assignments in Uganda or in the African region is an added advantage.

    Experience in dealing with social issues as well as Management of Land acquisition, Resettlements and Rehabilitation and as well as preparations of Resettlement Action Plan or implementation relating to infrastructure construction programs and Gender Analysis.

  • Experience in dealing with social issues pertinent to infrastructure development including management of land acquisition, resettlements, and rehabilitation; community engagement and grievance management, gender analysis and knowledge in provision of culturally appropriate social benefits are desirable.


  • Working knowledge of Uganda's legal and regulatory framework, as well as World Bank's Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and Safeguards Policies or,

  • Demonstrable knowledge of supporting a comprehensive and balanced approach to social management is required including scoping, screening, research, risk assessment, planning, project development and implementation, monitoring and reporting.

  • Good oral and written communication skills in English.

  • A high level of interpersonal and management skills and ability to work with teams in the organization at all levels.

Reporting Line

  • The Senior Social Development Officer will report to the National Project Coordinator with the supervision of the Deputy Project Coordinator.

Contract Duration

  • The Senior Social Development Officer shall be appointed on a three (03) year contract subject and serve a six months’ probation period and renewable subject to satisfactory performance.

How to Apply

Job application procedure
Sealed Expression of Interest (application letters, curriculum vitae and copies of the academic documents and testimonials) should be submitted to the Ministry’s Registry not later than 5:00 pm, Tuesday, 24th October 2023. Please indicate the position being applied for on top of the envelope.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries
Plot 16-18, Lugard Avenue,
P.O. Box 102, Entebbe - UGANDA.
Email address:
Telephone: 0414 320 004/ 323 990 Fax: 0414- 321 255

Note: Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted

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