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Research Associate job at Apata Insights | Apply Now

Are you looking for Monitoring and Evaluation jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Research Associate job at Apata Insights

Kampala, Uganda



May 13, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Apata Insights is a business and development research firm that works to bridge access to timely, quality and innovative information for strategic decision making across businesses, governments and development sectors in Africa and the developing world.

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Job Title

Research Associate job at Apata Insights

Job Description

We are Apata Insights, a growing research organisation based out of our office in Kampala, Uganda. Our vision is bold: to become the premier provider of high quality research services in Africa. We work in a collaborative environment that thrives on innovation and fresh ideas and are driven by our passion to make a difference.

Do you get energised by tackling new challenges and shaping the future? Are you excited about navigating ambiguity to chart a path forward? Do you get a thrill from uncovering hidden patterns from massive datasets? Do you get excited about the possibility of using data to tackle the world's most pressing challenges: be it social inequality, economic development, climate change, health, etcetera? This might be the perfect place for you.

As a Research Associate at Apata Insights, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping our research direction and building a strong foundation for our knowledge. Own the research process, from the ambiguity during design to the exhilarating field research management and in-depth analysis to clear and impactful reports and presentations to clients and interested audiences. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, contribute to cutting-edge research, and help us win new clients.
This role also offers the opportunity to mentor and lead a growing team. If you have a knack for fostering a collaborative environment and sharing your expertise, you'll find ample space to develop your leadership skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Literature Review: Conduct literature reviews to gather information on existing research relevant to the project, summarizing findings, and identifying gaps or areas for further investigation.

  • Experimental Design: Assist in the design of experiments, surveys, or studies, including selecting methodologies, developing protocols, and identifying variables or factors to be investigated.

  • Data Collection: Collect data through experiments, observations, interviews, surveys, or other research methods, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and adherence to research protocols.

  • Data Analysis: Analyze research data using statistical software, qualitative analysis tools, or other analytical techniques, interpreting results, and drawing conclusions based on findings.

  • Data Management: Organize and manage research data, including data entry, coding, labeling, and storage, maintaining accurate records and documentation of data collection and analysis procedures.

  • Laboratory Work: Conduct laboratory experiments, procedures, or tests, following standard operating procedures (SOPs), safety protocols, and ethical guidelines, and documenting experimental procedures and results.

  • Collaboration: Collaborate with other researchers, faculty members, graduate students, or industry partners on research projects, contributing ideas, expertise, and assistance as needed to achieve research objectives.

  • Writing and Reporting: Prepare research reports, manuscripts, presentations, or posters summarizing research findings, methods, and conclusions for publication, presentation at conferences, or internal dissemination.

  • Grant Writing: Assist in writing grant proposals or research funding applications, including literature reviews, research plans, budgets, and supporting documentation, to secure funding for research projects.

  • Project Management: Coordinate and manage research projects, including planning timelines, allocating resources, tracking progress, and ensuring deliverables are completed on schedule and within budget.

  • Ethical Compliance: Ensure compliance with ethical guidelines, regulations, and institutional policies governing research conduct, including obtaining informed consent, protecting human subjects, and maintaining confidentiality.

  • Training and Supervision: Provide training and supervision to research assistants, undergraduate students, or other team members involved in research activities, ensuring their understanding of research protocols and procedures.

  • Professional Development: Stay updated on advancements in the field, research methodologies, and relevant technologies through participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, and continuing education programs.

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Qualifications and Competencies

  • Master's degree or higher in a quantitative field (Statistics, Quantitative Economics, Economics etc.)

  • Three to five years of experience in a research intensive role, with a demonstrable track record

  • Demonstrably strong analytical skills and the ability to translate complex data into clear insights

  • Proficiency in statistical software like Stata and R

  • Experience designing CAPI-based data collection platforms (Survey CTO, ODK, Survey Solutions)

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to present complex information in a compelling way

  • A passion for learning, adaptability, and a willingness to take initiative

  • Experience working in a collaborative team environment with distributed teams.

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