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Kampala, Uganda



November 5, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Job Title

Project Managers-We Care job at Future Options Consulting Ltd

Job Description

Ensure that all management domains of the Project are covered (content/scope, planning, budget, quality, etc.) in order to ensure a smooth start-up, progress and the results of the Project.

Duties and Responsibilities

Main tasks:

  • Implement and close the Project with attention for proper planning and decision making and good representation of stakeholders

  • Elaborate the multi-year planning, in consultation with portfolio coordination and with the partner as per agreements

  • Develop the operational and annual planning

  • Coordinate the activities and ensure their execution, in compliance with set arrangements and procedures

  • Ensure the monitoring and evaluation system is followed up

  • Plan and organize the needs for internal and external expertise

  • Manage the main risks and opportunities and take preventive and corrective measures

  • Mainstream the transversal and priority themes in the Project

  • Be the primary contact person for the stakeholders of the Project, including the portfolio coordination

  • Promote a results-oriented culture and ensure that management for results becomes a common responsibility for decision making, learning and rendering accounts.

Result Area 2: As Expert - Change Management in Health Care Management practices:

  • Provide expert input, in the areas of change management for Health Care Management, Health promotion, emergency referral services, in order to ensure the Project objectives are achieved.

Main tasks:

  • Determine, in consultation with the partner, realistic change objectives throughout the results chain (which outputs, which transition/joint change management activities) based on a shared long-term vision on development and change

  • Facilitate the change process

  • Provide all necessary technical inputs in one’s thematic area of expertise

  • Ensure that external expertise is mobilized on time when and where needed

  • Keep oneself updated of latest developments in one’s area of expertise via scientific articles, networking, etc.

  • Contribute to partner entity capacity development (for management, teaching and skilling practices)

Result Area 3: As Knowledge Manager:

  • Coordinate the learning process of how the Project contributes to the development of the Health sector in order to ensure that the knowledge and/or results generated through this process are disseminated

  • Main tasks:

  • Assure the learning questions linked to the Theory of Change are well-defined in a capitalisation plan

  • Contribute to the collection and analysis of (qualitative/quantitative) data

  • Document the experiences in an evidence-based way

  • Ensure knowledge sharing with the stakeholders at the level of the Project (& portfolio), the (sub)sector .

Results Area 4: As People manager

  • Lead the team of which one is the hierarchical supervisor in order to have qualified and motivated staff.

Main tasks:

  • Put in place an appropriate organisation in terms of roles and responsibilities at the Project's level

  • Ensure that the rules and procedures which the head office has determined are respected

  • Determine the objectives and priorities of the staff members

  • Contribute to the recruitment of staff members

  • Motivate, coach and follow up staff members

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and accountability

  • Develop the competences of staff members

  • Promote a positive internal atmosphere and manage conflicts within the team

  • Results area 5: As Member of the Portfolio Committee:

  • Provide the necessary input and information for the further development of portfolio strategy choices, methods and tools in order to optimise country portfolio execution.

Main tasks:

  • Contribute to the country portfolio coordination meetings

  • Support the Portfolio Manager with promoting the portfolio strategy in accordance with steering committee decisions

  • Develop stakeholder participation in the Project area in accordance with the portfolio stakeholder strategy

  • Notify portfolio management of synergies with other Projects within the portfolio

  • Expected results of the function:

  • The Project is well managed and achieve the desired results.

  • Timely and quality technical input is provided to the team members in the field of expertise.

  • The Project is documented for learning, institutionalization, and scaling up.

Qualifications and Competencies


  • A Master’s degree in Public Health, Healthcare Management or other relevant field related to the area of expertise.

Details of experience

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in steering international development projects;

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in Healthcare and Public Health in the Public Sector, Health Care promotion including Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR);

  • An experience as team manager;

  • Experience in managing multi-million euros’ annual projects

How to Apply

All interested candidates should send their CVs to not later than Sunday 5th November, 2023, by 5 pm.

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