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Kampala, Uganda



January 17, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

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About the Organisation

True North Ltd started operations in 2008 under the name Efrivo Services Ltd as an IT & Management consultancy services company. In June 2011, it rebranded under the trade name True North Consult Ltd to reflect its current focus on People Management Advisory Services.
We are proud to be the only people management consultancy in Uganda that is run by qualified Human Resource Management Professionals.

Our niche is in the provision of bespoke management services to organizations of all sizes. The company has a network of over 15 consulting partners with over 10 years hands-on experience in their respective areas of expertise.

Because we are small, every customer is big, therefore you are guaranteed dedicated effort and service from highly qualified and experienced resources.

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Job Title

Mechanical HVAC Supervisor Offsites job at True North Consult Ltd

Job Description

To provide technical assistance and coordination according to the project requirements related to his/her discipline.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the Offsite Superintendent HDD-LWA on site ensuring that the Contractor is fully conversant with all Company project related standards and procedures

  • Act as primary Supervisor for all activities related to his/her discipline: follow-up the sequence of work-fronts and liaise with the construction contractor area managers and superintendents to make sure the sequence is as per the Construction Level-3 Schedule.

  • Ensure that Contractors progress on the appropriate high-priority work-fronts in order to stick to the level-3 schedule.

  • Undertake regular site visits to assess the work quality and delivery of the Contractor and intervene as appropriate to ensure that activities progress in line with the project schedule.

  • Monitor progress and prepare performance reports.

  • Identify & analyze the weak points which penalize the productivity and propose corrective actions.

  • Advice the Offsite Superintendent HDD-LWA on all issues related to sequencing and scheduling of work fronts.

  • Analyze and forecast performance and manpower requirements based on physical progress relative to schedule.

  • Liaise with all the Superintendents and Supervisors to make sure that all interfaces are managed effectively.

  • Supervise the following interfaces and ensure that Company/Project standards and procedures are fully aligned:

  • Company & Construction Contractor.

  • Construction Contractor/Sub-contractors.

  • Vendor representatives & construction site personnel.

  • Assist in the resolution of all Technical Queries related to his/her discipline.

  • Assist the Company Team to ensure Compliance with projects Safety objectives throughout the life of the project.

  • Maintain good relationship with Contractors, being flexible enough but also strict when necessary to achieve the objectives of the Project.

  • Liaise with Other disciplines as it might be required to improve effectiveness of Team and to achieve project objectives and targets.

  • Keep the Offsite Superintendent HDD-LWA informed of all events which may affect the successful completion of the project goals.

  • Interface with QA/QC personnel to address quality issues/progress.

  • Monitor workforce productivities/progress relative to schedule.

  • Compliance with the HSE instructions, rules and procedures in force for compliance with the HSE contractual clauses and other documents governing ties with the contractors.

  • Ensure the protection of the environment and the monitoring of Project environmental performances.

  • Compile necessary reports (daily/weekly/monthly) related to his/her discipline and scope for the Offsite Superintendent HDD-LWA and Construction Manager.

  • To act on behalf of the Offsite Superintendent HDD-LWA in his/her absence if required.

Qualifications and Competencies

Qualifications/Experience Required


  • HND or equivalent mechanical or related discipline.


  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry specifically large construction projects, with thorough knowledge on various safety regulations, standards, procedures etc.

  • Recognized level of expertise in construction discipline. General awareness of Company Specifications and/or previous experience with other major IOC’s/Contractors in oil and gas construction projects.

  • Ideal candidate shall be fully conversant with applicable Oil and Gas Industry International Codes, Standards as well as best Industry Practices.

  • Valid Medical Certificate which complies with Company Standards.

  • Good interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as a good level of computer literacy.

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How to Apply

You can apply by submitting your cover letter and CV to with subject line Senior Mechanical HVAC Supervisor Offsites
Please note: “Females are highly encouraged to apply”

All applicants should share their CV's and Cover Letters in PDF or MS Word STRICTLY

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