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Kampala, Uganda



December 28, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

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About the Organisation

Marie Stopes UG is the largest and most specialised sexual and reproductive health organisation in Uganda providing a wide range of high quality, affordable, client-centred services. For more than 27 years, we have continued to provide services to Ugandan women, men and young people.

Job Title

Marketing Manager Commercial Sales job at Marie Stopes UG

Job Description

This role reports to the Commercial Sales Lead and works to ensure that there is adequate marketing for all Commercial Sales Products. The purpose of the post is to develop the develop and implement the Commercial Sales marketing strategy in relation to the achievement of effective and profitable sales of Marie Stopes branded products. Developing networks clients, customers and potential markets while leveraging on cost-effective exploitation of opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Lead Commercial Sales team in the implementation of the marketing business strategy & plans.

  • Carry out periodical consumer insights survey and market research to establish the best factors that influence consumer behavior and develop effective marketing mix.

  • Provide documentation to support Commercial Sales in the development of localized corporate business strategies, informed by analyzed data and information for marketing.

  • Develop documentation which will guide teams in the development of time-bound marketing business plans and forge a way forward.

  • Lead on drawing the marketing calendar for Commercial Sales, propose and manage the marketing budget.

Manage all Commercial Sales Corporate relations.

  • Lead in the gathering of essential feedback from our distributors, corporate & cash sales clients relating to the quality and level of satisfaction received from our products and lead in all related client feedback surveys and research.

  • Hold client/ beneficiaries’ events/ activities that promote the image of our products and the quality of our services annually.

  • Develop a quarterly information newsletter that is provided to all our distributors, cash clients and corporate clients shared online.

  • Produce valuable and impactful marketing content for trade channel partners and activations for consumers.

Lead in new Commercial Sales business development and growth / expanding the Distributor Network.

  • Devise documented mechanisms to increase the distributor network from the already existing network.

  • Partner engagements - This function is aimed at building a healthy and profitable relationship with Clients, distributors and other associated external stakeholders.

  • Work with the communication & marketing team to drive client engagement. This involves using market research to create pitches and materials that best reach the target market and drive business growth.

  • Support the development, roll out and ongoing review of a MS marketing strategy which aligns with brand values and demonstrates ROI

  • Work on marketing strategies in close collaboration with Product Sales.

  • Analyze market and competitor trends and recommend changes to marketing and business development strategies based on analysis and feedback.

  • Gather and analyze distributor and customer insights to change distributor and consumer needs and preferences while ensuring that marketing strategies are updated to reflect these changes.

  • Utilize internal and external resources to gather consumer insights, develop and execute new concepts, business models, and partners to position the business as an innovator led.

  • Together with the Commercial Sales Lead, identify opportunities for expansion of product portfolio based on unmet client needs with commercially viable, surplus-generating product solutions.

  • Deepen relationships with all media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning of the Commercial Sales Products.

  • Report monthly on campaign progress (cost and activities)

  • Report quarterly on results

  • Manage media relationships and capitalize on PR opportunities in relation to social enterprise.

Supporting the Commercial Sales team with well-targeted, insight-driven and consistently branded promotions and materials

  • In close collaboration with the Commercial Sales team, develop an excellent understanding of the products and the day-to-day issues faced and constraints to success.

  • Develop demand generation strategies to drive awareness and client trial/repurchase of Commercial Sales products

  • Ensure all activities, messages and promotions are consistent with product brand positioning.

Qualifications and Competencies


  • Experienced in media and Products Marketing.

  • Experience of over three years in undertaking similar assignments

  • Ability to build effective relationships, influence and negotiate with internal and external stakeholders at every level of seniority.

  • Ability to prioritise a complex and demanding workload

  • Ability to develop innovative and practical solutions to challenges.

  • Ability to gather and interpret client insights and turn client insights into action plans

  • Experience of developing and executing successful demand-generation strategies

  • Ability to present work at external events, including some out-of-hours travel and working

  • Excellent and creative oral and written communication skills, including ability to write in English and at least two Ugandan languages

  • Excellent engagement with informational technology and social media platforms

  • A proven record of partnership working to achieve better results

  • Experience of project managing marketing projects including developing concepts for audience-specific projects

Qualifications and Training (essential/ desirable)

  • Advanced degree in Marketing, Development Communication, Social Marketing or Public Health

  • Excellent knowledge of the Ugandan health sector

  • Knowledge of family planning is an advantage

Personal Attributes

  • Successful performance at MS is not simply defined in terms of ‘what’ people achieve, but equally is about ‘how’ people go about their jobs and the impact that they have on others. There are 13 key behaviours that MS encourages in all employees and they are defined below:

  • Initiative: Thinking ahead and taking action to make the most of opportunities by finding the optimum solution

  • In this role, you must be alert to strategic programme opportunities and threats and take action to use them

  • You will take initiative with your team and across the ET to realise efficiencies and impact

  • Innovative: Thinking creatively so that ideas generated create a positive outcome

  • In this role creativity will be needed to realise new sources of funds and new ways of creating CYPs

  • Effective Communication: Communicating through active listening and good questioning techniques, using appropriate body language, ensuring information is clear and concise.

  • Team Player: Working as part of a team by being supportive, flexible and showing respect for each other

  • Responsive Being responsive to changing priorities and demands

  • Your plan will be clearly made out and changes will be agreed and reported regularly and on time

  • Working Efficiently: Planning, prioritising and organising work to ensure work is accurate and deadlines are met As part of the ET and in order to meet the needs of contractual obligations to investors /donors your work will be clear accountable and effective

  • Sharing Information: Sharing information and knowledge whilst maintaining confidentiality Timely action will be taken on information regarding your areas of responsibility

  • Focus on Learning: Taking responsibility for keeping knowledge and skills updated and for seeking opportunities to develop further

  • This post-holder must actively seek knowledge that can be shared and keep the teams up to date on latest views

  • Commitment: Awareness and understanding of goals, vision and values and how your role impacts on this and going the extra mile to meet role requirements

  • Driven: Drive and determination to deliver results

  • Regular reporting will indicate ability to conceive, design and deliver on results

  • Accountable: Taking responsibility for appropriate decisions that you make, and the actions and behaviour you demonstrate

  • Embracing Change: Openness to embracing change within the organisation and being able to adjust plans/activities accordingly

  • Motivated: Motivation towards achieving quality results to maximise potential

Team Member Behaviours

  • Work as One MS

  • You contribute, use, and share accurate data and evidence to improve understanding, insight and decisionmaking across MS, enabling us to maximise our ability to influence others.

  • You share relevant knowledge, expertise and resources to strengthen teamwork and prevent duplication of effort.

  • You actively work as part of a team, providing support and flexibility to colleagues, demonstrating fairness, understanding and respect for all people and cultures.

  • Show courage, authenticity and integrity

  • You hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make and the behaviours you demonstrate.

  • You are courageous in challenging others and taking appropriate managed risks. Develop and grow

  • You seek feedback to enable greater self-awareness and provide the same to others in a way which inspires them to be even more effective.

  • You manage your career development including keeping your knowledge and skills up to date.

Deliver excellence, always

  • You strive to consistently meet and exceed expectations, putting clients at the centre of everything, and implement smarter, more efficient ways of performing your role.

  • You build and maintain effective long-term working relationships with all stakeholders, and are a true MS ambassador.

Leadership (For Leaders only)

  • You inspire individuals and teams, through situational leadership, providing clear direction.

  • You seek and provide opportunities which motivate team members, helping to develop skills and potential whilst strengthening our talent and succession pipeline.

  • You are aware of emerging developments in our sector, demonstrating strategic insight about our clients and business and encourage this in your team.

  • You articulate a vision of the future which inspires and excites others.

MS Values

  • Mission driven: With unwavering commitment, we exist to empower women and men to have children by choice not chance.

  • Client-centred: We are dedicated to our clients and work tirelessly to deliver high-quality, high-impact services that meet their individual needs..

  • Accountable: We are accountable for our actions and focus on results, ensuring long term sustainability and increasing the impact of the Partnership.

  • Courageous: We recruit and nurture talented, passionate and brave people who have the courage to push boundaries, make tough decisions and challenge others in line with our mission.

  • Resilient: In challenging situations, we work together and support each other, adapting and learning to find solutions, whatever we’re up against.

  • Inclusive: We believe that diversity is a strength. We all play our part in creating a culture where every team member can thrive, feel valued and contribute meaningfully to our mission, and where all our clients feel welcome and supported.

How to Apply

Job application procedure
• Share your cover letter, CV, and Academic documents as one PDF.
• Include the Job Title as the subject.
• Send to
• Deadline: 28th December 2023
1. Msug is an equal opportunities employer, committed to safeguarding humanity and expects all position holders to share this commitment.
2. Msug has a well-guided and transparent recruitment process that requires no payment or sexual favours from any candidate/job applicants/potential job seekers as a pre-employment requirement.
3. Female candidates that qualify are encouraged to apply.

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