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Livestock Advisor - Goats and sheep job at SNV | Urgently Needed

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Kampala, Uganda



March 7, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization that applies practical know-how to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty. We use our extensive and long-term in-country presence to apply and adapt our top-notch expertise in agriculture, energy, and water to local contexts. SNV has over 1,600 staff in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We are proud to be a not-for-profit organization that uses project financing to implement our mission. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence.

In its new Strategic Plan period (2022-2030), SNV will aim to deepen partnerships with financial institutions, governments, and private sector to expand our impact driven finance portfolio. We will continue to position ourselves as a premium organization and invest in making knowledge flow to and from the frontline and catalyse partnerships that transform the agri-food, energy and water systems which enable sustainable and more equitable lives for all.


Job Title

Livestock Advisor - Goats and sheep job at SNV

Job Description

The goat and sheep livestock Advisor is part of the SNV Uganda Organisation. It is appointed to be the leading expert on goat and sheep farming systems for the future INCLUDE project in the rural countryside being stationed in the SNV regional office in Fort Portal.

The goat and sheep livestock advisor will be leading in addressing all aspects of goat and sheep livestock farming challenges within a large team of subject matter experts and 20 PIP field officers all located in the four project areas. The advisor should also understand that livestock farming is an integral part of the SHF farming system being a mixture of farm enterprises such as crop, livestock, agro-forestry and fruit crops. In this system family allocates its resources.

It is to efficiently manage the existing environment for the attainment of the family goal. Farming system represents a proper combination of farm enterprises and the resources available to the farmer to raise them for profitability. Farm enterprises can be cropping systems, horticulture, livestock, forestry, poultry, etc. It interacts adequately with the environment without dislocating the ecological and socioeconomic balance on the one hand and attempts to satisfy the smallholder farming and income goals on the opposite.

Duties and Responsibilities

Advisory Services

  • Acts as the technical expert in the field of SHF goat and sheep livestock management for the PIP field officers as well as for the regional coordinators and project management aiming to create an enabling environment (by sharing knowledge, understanding stakeholders and environment) for the implementation of specific goat and sheep livestock interventions and extension into the project activities for the project to meet its objectives. Ensures, monitors progress and reviews quality of own expertise and ensures project management support and satisfaction during projects. Ensures technical support to partners, and smallholder farmers on integrating livestock climate-smart solutions in production, promotes household diversification, and supports linkages between business champions and climate-smart service providers to promote adoption at scale.

Knowledge Development

  • Contributes to internal and external knowledge development, ensures lessons learned are harvested, documented, communicated, and applied in daily practice, and may be appointed as the (national) focal point of an expertise network. Initiates/coordinates the review process and evaluation of goat and sheep livestock management and extension services to collect lessons learned in farming systems, including CSA and draft power, proposes corrective measures, and ensures identification of follow-up assignments. Participates in knowledge development/expertise groups and in internal and external networks.

Project and process development

  • Identifies and proposes technical process improvements to the project team, partners, and smallholder farmers. Acts on improvement areas suggested by stakeholders or informed by the lessons learned. Ensures on ground adaptive management where livestock farming systems and CSA lessons learned are adopted in daily practice by all stakeholders.

People Management

  • Steers (functionally) colleagues and coaches associated partners/smallholder farmers, and other external stakeholders on quality within the farming system context of assignments. Applies process improvements in projects and coaches’ colleagues, partners, and smallholders on quality and effective goat and sheep farming systems, CSA technologies, and practices important for improved resilience to climate and price-related shocks and stresses.


  • Identifies and analyses goat and sheep livestock farming systems, identifies development opportunities and threats and ensures relevant colleagues are informed. Actively participates in strategic positioning meetings and acts as a knowledgeable face of the SNV organisation to the client. Analyses, understands, and develops (local) networks with relevant stakeholders, identifies new clients, farmer groups and smallholders.

Business Development

  • Builds, maintains, and utilises relationships with relevant stakeholders, represents SNV and identifies opportunities for Business Development policies and procedures. Initiates assignments on a local/(sub)national level, supports proposals and develops technical processes during the inception phase of projects.

Facilitate annual and Q work Plans

  • Facilitate implementation of SHF village vision/work plans regarding improved productivity and livelihood related to small ruminants. Conduct technical trainings/ meetings to organize SHF, villages as well as with relevant project partners to restore degraded small ruminants’ productivity and contribution to improved livelihood, income and resilience.

Establish Small ruminants learning platforms.

  • Establish small ruminants’ learning committees in each district and project region. Facilitate the development of small ruminant development visions and action plans. Facilitate the formation of committees.

Collect data for studies.

  • Collect data for baseline study, GESI analysis, agro-ecological systems, farming systems while analysing market opportunities and bottlenecks.

Study market spaces

  • Prioritize identification of general market access bottlenecks and opportunities in selected commodities. Identify entrepreneurial initiatives in target villages and districts. Develop work plans with input from technical experts for activities to be implemented.

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Qualifications and Competencies

Qualifications & Experience

  • A minimum of a University Degree in Agriculture with specialisation of livestock farming systems, smallholder development and extension and communication techniques

  • A minimum of 8 years of relevant work/field experience in programmes in areas of goat and sheep livestock farming systems, small holder farming development and resilience

  • Ability and demonstrated experience of designing and appraising inclusive business cases.

  • Ability to meet deadlines and to work within a large multidiscipline team.

  • Able and willing to support other INCLUDE regions by conducting 4 to 5 days field visits/trip

  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

  • Command of local Uganda languages is preferred.

  • Computer literate, proficient with MS Word, Excel, and financial applications.

  • A self-motivated achiever with excellent leadership, teamwork, coaching,

  • Extension, Communication, analytical and organisational skills.

  • Strong work ethics, high level of confidentiality and Integrity

  • Ability to ride a motorcycle with a valid riding permit is a MUST.

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