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Kampala, Uganda



December 17, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Educate! works hand-in-hand with national and regional governments, as well as local communities, to achieve system-level adoption of skills-based learning. Our goal is to offer cost-effective, replicable solutions built for scale.

Job Title

Learning Experience Design and Training Associate job at Educate!

Job Description

Educate!, a fast-growing and award-winning social enterprise, is seeking a learning Experience Design & Training Associate to contribute to Product Design Support while adhering at all times to set guidelines. You will participate in Learning Curriculum Materials Design for Program Components, Design Content training, Product quality assurance and user-research on youth needs & LEC content to inform product among others to support our growth and scale as we work towards our organizational vision of measurably impacting millions of students across Africa each year. You will report to the Product Design and Learning Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

Curriculum Materials Design for Program Components - 50%


  • Offer support to timely, quality session design as assigned.

  • Lead design and implementation of induction ToTs for Program Officers and Youth Leaders.

  • Supporting other departments with content design as and when needed.

  • Collect user feedback to inform product design.

  • Lead on CellEd script writing and offers timely and quality script recording support for the different characters that may be assigned.


  • Offer support to timely quality session design as assigned.

  • Support Design Hub as and when needed or requested by the hub leads

Design Hub

  • Offer support to global design session and Design Hub priorities as assigned

Design Content training - 20%

  • Support on Mentor training & Induction through session observations plus training quality assurance

  • Undertake and complete the design skill capacity building programs in the Design Hub

  • Provide feedback to trainers to ensure high quality facilitation standards.

  • Build Learning Mentor Support system through scripting and voicing of lessons for the mentors- delivered online through WhatsApp

  • Share monthly facilitation tips on Design Products with mentors through Peer circles and mentor mass communication channels.

  • Take a lead on small experiments and monitor implementation to ensure quality experiment design delivery.

  • Document the experiment's implementation journey, meeting notes, decisions and iterations to support future reference.

  • Provide updates on the experiment's implementation progress including obstacles and proposed solutions to overcome them to D&L Manager

Product quality assurance Tracking & Learning & data analysis 20%

  • Observation of program delivery to inform quality control.

  • Proposing design changes based on learnings from program implementation.

  • Leading retrospective/ post mortem meetings for different program Products.

  • Documentation of program design changes overtime.

  • Observing quality of virtual training inline with established training frameworks like FASTER, IS STUCK etc.

  • Organizing, implementing, and reporting on learning panels with end users such as scholars and Mentors.

  • Organizing, and coordinating the implementation of program learning and documentation through the Internal Advisory Board IAB

Learning and Data Analysis

  • Participate in the design, and coordination of the Program Learning Agenda.

  • Draft survey questions and share feedback for learning plus incorporate feedback for the program model improvement.

  • Design learning tools for data collection including surveys through google forms.

  • Conduct surveys with the selected sample group within the required timelines while liaising with other departments for logistics and other resources needed for the activities.

  • Analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and report on the same for learning purposes.

  • Proactively build team capacity by delegation of new tasks and training to close capacity gaps.

  • Support in coordinating and organizing implementation of small program experiments

User-research on youth needs & LEC content to inform product-10%

  • Assessing the current product needs gaps within the department to ensure youth are developing/starting strong businesses.

  • Liaise and communicate with managers and recommend potential programs based on the departmental needs in line with the learning agenda.

  • Designing and developing innovative training programs that are specifically targeted at helping the workforce reach their maximum potential.

  • Participating in impact unit team meetings while tracking the results and maintaining detailed records of the designed product.

  • Making new recommendations as new data is unearthed on the dashboard for continual training improvement and refinement.

  • Coach junior designers to boost their capacity in research and development to ensure that the EARN,SAVE,ACT framework is achieved with evidence of youth business start-ups

Qualifications and Competencies


  • Degree in Education or related professional qualifications.

  • Minimum of 2 years of work with Learning Experience Design working in a fast paced environment

  • Comfortable working with data analysis and writing reports

  • Strong orientation to team culture and cross-functional work

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities; exceptional listening, written and verbal skills.

  • Excellent in delivering trainings

  • Experience in conducting experiments and A/B prototypes

  • Ability to conduct user research and development to inform products

  • A strong combination of innovativeness and creativity with a keen eye for detail.

How to Apply

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