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Wakiso, Uganda



November 20, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Redeem International partners with local law enforcement authorities to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation. Join our mission of redemption.

Job Title

Investigator job at Redeem

Job Description

As a Redeem Investigator, you will investigate claims by individual victims of violence in the criminal, civil and administrative justice systems and enhance the capacities of our law enforcement partners from the Justice Law and Order Sector (“JLOS”) while contributing to Redeem’s culture of Christian excellence.

Duties and Responsibilities

Specific responsibilities include:


  • Partnering with other members of the casework team in developing Redeem’s overall intervention strategy and developing evidence collection and intervention strategies for individual cases;

  • Planning, organizing and conducting investigations concerning allegations of predatory eviction;

  • Collecting physical evidence, witness statements and documents necessary for building cases;

  • Analyzing investigative findings and preparing reports for review by Redeem’s Attorneys;

  • Advising and mentoring police officers in their investigation of cases involving Redeem clients;

  • Recruiting, training and managing contract-based investigative informants and operatives; and

  • Providing security support for Redeem-sponsored mediations and meetings.

Capacity Building

  • Developing strong working relationships with officials from the Uganda Police Force (UPF);

  • Identifying lessons learned and opportunities for improvement from Redeem’s casework;

  • Participating in local stakeholder coordination meetings or in other similar JLOS coordinating bodies;

  • Providing direct casework support to police officers and state prosecutors in Redeem cases;

  • Mentoring and advising police officers in cases involving Redeem clients or Redeem’s work;

  • Developing and facilitating trainings and equipping projects that will improve UPF performance; and Contributing to the team’s efforts to build capacities in all relevant JLOS actors.


  • Communicating with donors, supporters, media and other outside parties about Redeem’s work;

  • Contributing to the review and design of organizational systems, guidelines and policies;

  • Participating in Redeem’s professional development and spiritual formation activities;

  • Supporting other teams within Redeem in the achievement of their objectives; and

  • Completing other duties as assigned.

  • Redeem strives to build a culture of Christian excellence that reflects the following four core values:

  • We love each other well;

  • We don’t make easy things hard; We measure by results; and We are joyful in our work.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Redeem is looking for a highly skilled and responsible individual who will reflect these values while representing individual victims of violence in the criminal, civil and administrative justice systems and enhancing the capacities of our law enforcement partners from JLOS. Specific attributes include:


  • Required: Five years of progressive experience in and investigative capacity in law enforcement or similar governmental agency or private, nongovernmental organizations or enterprises; Required: Experience in carrying out undercover surveillance and operative management,

  • Required: Experience in witness interviewing, evidence collection and evidence analysis;

  • Preferred: Degree or equivalent in Law enforcement, Criminal Justice or related field;

  • Preferred: Training in self defense, combat, personal/operational security or similar discipline; Preferred: Experience in conducting casework similar to that of Redeem’s; and Preferred: Experience working with the UPF and JLOS actors.


  • Required: Fluency in English, Ateso and Kumam with excellent written and oral communication in all;

  • Required: Computer literacy with strong capacity in word processing, email and other systems;

  • Preferred: Good knowledge of basic Laws of Uganda, criminal court procedures, and regulations; Preferred: Understanding of Google business suite and digital project management tools; and Preferred: Public speaking and or teaching skills.


  • Required: Mature Christian faith;

  • Required: High degree of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness;

  • Required: Strong teamwork, interpersonal skills and ability to work on a multidisciplinary team;

  • Required: Excellent independent professional judgment and ethical decision-making;

  • Required: Innovative and creative problem solving in the face of complex nuanced issues;

  • Required: Persistence and tenacity in the face of difficult problems or challenges;

  • Required: Commitment to meet deadlines and achieve results in fast-paced environment; and Required: Love-motivated service orientation toward clients, colleagues, partners and adversaries.

How to Apply

Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and academic credentials to by 20th November 2023.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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