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Instrument Technician I (Uganda) job at Confidential | Apply Now

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Kampala, Uganda



July 20, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

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Job Title

Instrument Technician I (Uganda) job at Confidential

Job Description

Routine Duties  Carryout maintenance activities in an efficient and effective manner, in line with the annual business plans, and departmental policies and procedures.  Complete all assignment of tasks, performance appraisal, trainings, and maintain proper tools and equipment in order to make sure the unit equipment perform reliably.  Carry out troubleshooting of problems occurring in the units and implement corrective actions.  Ensure the safety aspects of the organization like safety alerts, circulars, policy changes and medical circulars are read and understood correctly and follow them in their daily jobs.  Conduct JSAs for all the critical and routine works and owns the process.  Follow up to keep Safe work practices and having good knowledge of Operational Excellence.  Attend and participate in toolbox meetings, safety meetings, RCA sessions, etc.  Train and develop Instrument BL Technicians to succeed Maintenance certification process.  Provide technical support to Electrical Technicians on their daily maintenance works.

Duties and Responsibilities

Shutdowns and Turnarounds

  • Assist in planning, organizing, and implementing shutdowns, turnarounds, and emergencies in order to ensure safe and timely execution of tasks.

  • Assist in identification of shutdown and Turnaround activities, spare, scheduling and JSA.

Plant Maintenance

  • Ensure that work processes are implemented as per standards and procedures.

  • Maintain high level of availability of the Instrumentation within area of responsibility.

  • Identifies spare parts requirements of each equipment. Identifies required special tools to carry out his activities.

  • Make periodic preventative maintenance inspections of all metering control instruments.

  • Lay out, install, and place into service new metering, controlling & recording devices and calibrating as required.

  • Read and interprets wiring diagrams, P&I drawings, and specifications in making installations or performing major repair work.

  • Troubleshoots PLC software and hardware, performs software changes and maintains documentation of changes to the software and hardware.

  • Troubleshooting, repair & maintain different types of ESD & control valves like Globe valves, Butterfly valves, ball valves including the controlling loop devices like positioners, solenoid valves & I/P.

  • Troubleshooting, repair & maintain the vibration monitoring systems.  Carry out Preventive Maintenance activities on time as scheduled.

  • Carry out Corrective /breakdown maintenance whenever necessary.

  • Carry out daily routine inspections including Preventive Maintenance for Instrumentation and maintain appropriate records.

  • Communicate and present to supervisor, analysis of problems faced in the field. Communicate with other trade technicians to verify Instrumentation problems and solutions.

  • Implement predictive maintenance program and assist in equipment inspection, testing and troubleshooting in order to avoid major escalations and ensure minimum disruptions caused by equipment breakdown.

  • Lead complex troubleshooting of problems as required, in order to avoid major escalations at any given instance.

  • Identify system discrepancies and provide permanent solutions to resolve the issues and prevent the reoccurrence of the issues in Instrument equipment.

  • Perform failure analysis of repeated problems, find root cause, and suggest and implement improvements.

  • Perform technical evaluation of bids relevant to spare parts submitted by vendors and provide technical clarification to get right parts from vendors.

  • Review of spares, refurbishment status, bill of materials tracking, PR/PO status with the planners on dayto-day basis.

  • Prepare Standard Maintenance Procedures for Electrical equipment in coordination with Engineering Department in accordance with standards, best practices and regulations pertaining to Electrical equipment.

Quality, Health, Security, Safety and Environment

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and relevant quality, health, safety, security and environmental procedures and controls across the Section to guarantee employee safety and delivery of high-quality products/services.

Policies, Systems, Processes and Procedures

  • Contribute to the identification of opportunities for the continuous improvement of systems, processes, and practices to increase productivity and operational efficiency.

  • Implement all relevant Section’s policies, processes, procedures, and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.


  • Contribute to the preparation of timely and accurate reports to meet departmental requirements, policies, and standards.

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Qualifications and Competencies


  • A diploma or certificate in Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, or a related field.

  • Higher education such as a bachelor's degree in a related field can be an advantage.

Technical Skills:

  • Proficiency in the use of hand tools, power tools, and specialized testing equipment.

  • Knowledge of various types of instruments and control systems (e.g., pressure transmitters, flow meters, temperature sensors).

  • Ability to read and interpret technical diagrams, blueprints, and schematics.

Analytical Skills:

  • Strong problem-solving skills to diagnose and repair instrument issues.

  • Attention to detail in conducting tests, calibrations, and repairs.


  • Effective verbal and written communication skills for documenting work and reporting issues.

  • Ability to work well within a team and interact with other departments.

Computer Skills:

  • Familiarity with computer systems and software used for instrument control and data management.

  • Basic proficiency in using office software (e.g., Microsoft Office Suite).


  • Some prior experience in instrument maintenance and repair, even at an internship or entry-level position, is typically required.

  • Experience in an industrial or manufacturing setting can be particularly valuable.

  • Certifications (Optional but Beneficial)

  • Certification in Instrumentation and Control (CIC) or a similar professional certification can be advantageous.

  • Other relevant certifications depending on the industry (e.g., safety certifications, specialized instrument training).

Personal Attributes

  • Attention to Detail: Precision in conducting tests, calibrations, and repairs to ensure accuracy and reliability.

  • Integrity: Commitment to ethical conduct and maintaining high standards of work.

  • Safety-Conscious: Strong focus on maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new technologies and methods in instrumentation and control systems.

  • Initiative: Proactive in identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate.

Physical Requirements

  • Good physical condition, as the job may require standing for long periods, climbing, or working in confined spaces.

  • Ability to lift and carry equipment and tools as needed.

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