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Cultural Heritage Supervisor job at Q-Sourcing Limited | Apply Now

Are you looking for Management Jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Cultural Heritage Supervisor job at Q-Sourcing Limited

Kampala, Uganda



July 17, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

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Job Title

Cultural Heritage Supervisor job at Q-Sourcing Limited

Job Description

Report to: N+1 Social Head Uganda, N+2 Project Social Manager No subordinates in Project Social organisation. Coordinates Cultural Heritage consultant field resources mobilised on Call-Off Contract for defined field mission scope and durations.
East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project will establish a Special Purpose Vehicle (“PipeCo”), which will build, own, and operate the EACOP system. PipeCo will be established on OPCO type model with representatives of both Uganda and Tanzania states as well as shareholders.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project is a major regional infrastructure project (Capex: 3.6 G$, OPEX:>2.5G$ over 25 years) between Uganda and Tanzania coast, opening a new value corridor between the two countries. The EACOP project development comprises of the detailed engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of the corresponding facilities to externally financed project requirements.
The EACOP Project System comprises a 95-kilometre Feeder Line transporting heated crude oil alongside Lake Albert from the Tilenga Central Processing Facility (CPF) where it joins the EACOP Project System at the Kabaale Hub Pump Station (PS-1) and continues 296km east across Uganda to the Uganda border and a further 1,147 km across Uganda to the Marine Storage Terminal and Jetty / offloading facility at Tanga on the East African coastline of Uganda. Construction of the EACOP Project System requires international EPC Contractors to engineer and construct the EACOP system; numerous national and international Contractors directly and sub-contracted to the Main Contractors to deliver Early Civil Works; Transportation and Logistics, and an international consortia to construct, operate and decommission a Thermal Installation System (pipe coating facility) at KP701 required to deliver the EACOP System to Host Government including national content requirements, EACOP Ltd Shareholder, and external financing standards. Project delivery requires audit, assurance, and oversight of all Contractor social performance in Uganda and Uganda, and sub-contractor social performance assurance of Total Energies Exploration and Production Uganda (TEPU) Tilenga Feeder Line construction.
The EACOP Project Team comprises Shareholder secondees and national and international contractor workforce to deliver the EACOP System. Within the Project H3SE Team, the Project Social team is functionally responsible for cultural heritage management during construction. The Project Construction methodology requires concurrent work activities in multiple locations in Uganda. The Cultural Heritage Supervisor reports to the Social Head and is responsible for coordinating implementation of EACOP Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) commitments in Uganda. CHMP implementation includes CHMP monitoring and assurance efforts, training and induction delivery, interfacing and coordination with relevant government authorities in management of chance finds and coordination of Company-approved Cultural Heritage Monitors (CHM) and Chance Find excavation under consultancy services call off contract arrangements to implement CHMP requirements. The Cultural Heritage Supervisor coordinates all Project and Contractor cultural heritage management data and reporting to Project Social organisation. The Cultural Heritage Supervisor shares all cultural heritage data recorded in Uganda with the Cultural Heritage Lead in Tanzania who is responsible for Project CHMP performance reporting.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate delivery of EACOP CHMP commitments and implementation requirements.

  • Train and educate Project and Contractor resources on EACOP CHMP requirements.

  • Prepare and coordinate delivery of cultural heritage inductions, awareness raising and training sessions) to Project and Contractor.

  • Coordinate completion of cultural heritage pre-construction surveys of all work sites prior to ground disturbance activities to CHMP requirements.

  • Consolidate and share all cultural heritage data collected to date during ESIA, surface and sub-surface surveys, watching brief implementation during construction, data points recorded during routine assurance, CHMP implementation and engagement with PAC to Cultural Heritage Lead and Project GIS

  • Provide inputs to relevant Contractor training /competency plans and site mobilisation readiness reviews.

  • Participate in Contractor meetings to address cultural heritage issues and drive performance improvements.

  • Train and manage CHM implementation of EACOP Chance Find Protocol according to CHMP. EACOP Classification: Restricted Distribution EACOP - All rights reserved

  • Provide technical review and guidance on all Chance Finds, including recommendation of Chance Finds investigation in discussion with relevant Host Government authorities.

  • Monitor quality of CHM reporting to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

  • Assure and report Contractor and Consultant cultural heritage management performance.

  • Develop and track delivery of the cultural heritage assurance and reporting schedule.

  • Collaborate with relevant EACOP and TEPU functions on intangible cultural heritage identification, management and mitigation and data recording during Project delivery

  • Prepare CHM Order Requests for required field work activities.

  • Coordinate CHM rotational schedules ensuring full time work site coverage during new ground disturbance.

  • Review and approve cultural heritage consultant invoices and timesheets.

  • Review, consolidate, and contribute to Project cultural heritage performance assurance reports.

  • Participate in LESC meetings, audit visit information, data, and social performance presentation preparation. Rack corrective actions arising from LESC audit findings and observations towards timely closure.

  • Liaise with Ugandan authorities on the transfer of archaeological finds of significance.

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Qualifications and Competencies

  • Degree: post graduate qualification in archaeology or cultural heritage management.

  • Ugandan archaeologist with NEMA ESIA & Audit registration preferred.

  • Minimum 5 years’ Uganda cultural heritage impact assessment, surface/ sub-surface survey, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and chance find excavation experience

  • Professional experience in construction contractor cultural heritage performance oversight.

  • Experience in mentoring teams.

  • Strong communication skills, fluency in English (written and spoken) required.

  • Able to multitask, work independently, coordinate workloads across multiple interfaces

  • Strong computer; presentation and report writing, and database management skills

  • Marine cultural heritage management experience an advantage.

  • Fluency in English (written and spoken) required.

  • Experience in externally financed extractive industry project delivery an advantage. Job Holder

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