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Fort Portal, Uganda



November 18, 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

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About the Organisation

International Justice Mission is an international, non-governmental 501 organization focused on human rights, law and law enforcement. Founded in 1997 by lawyer Gary Haugen of the United States, it is based in Washington, D.C

Job Title

Coordinator, Investigations And Safety And Security Focal Point job at IJM

Job Description

The Coordinator, Investigations and Safety and Security Focal Point (ISSFP) is an investigative position responsible for conducting bilateral criminal investigations with the Uganda Police Force (UPF), mentoring UPF investigators, evaluating the performance of UPF investigators, and identifying UPF training needs pursuant to the IJM Uganda’s Violence against Women / Children (VAW/C) program. The ISSFP will also maintain security standards established by the IJM Global Security Department, provide security-related training to IJM Fort Portal personnel, and continually assess local threat conditions, implementing enhanced security protocols when warranted. The ISSFP will promote a multi-disciplinary response to VAW/C investigations and will work in close collaboration with police investigators, prosecutors, Probation & Social Welfare Officers, and healthcare workers.

The ISSFP reports to the Fort Portal Team Leader and collaborates with casework counterparts in furtherance of program objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities


Leadership and Management

  • Develop and maintain a culture of safety and security awareness in the Fort Portal office;

  • Ensures s/he (or an alternate) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to staff requiring security assistance;

  • Account for all IJM staff and visitors movement on IJM operations and IJM business by: approving daily movement of IJM staff and visitors, maintaining a daily movements board that shows details of all IJM vehicle, staff, and visitor movement, communicating all daily movement of IJM vehicles, staff, and visitors to Uganda Security Ops room daily; accounting for any IJM vehicle, staff, or visitor moving around to or from their operational area; and maintaining a readiness to respond to any incident that involves IJM vehicles, staff, or visitors during or out of business hours; and

  • Develop and maintain best practice policies regarding safety and security standards for the office.

  • Strategy & Knowledge Development & Implementation

  • Identify threats to the safety and security of IJM assets, staff, or clients and develop sound mitigation plans;

  • Provide security briefings and updates to new hires and visitors as needed;

  • Maintain the documentation and filing of security management (incident reports, trainings, management plans, etc.);

  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary IJM casework team to develop VAW/C strategy; and

  • Identify UPF training needs and develop training modules, as needed.

Networking & Partnership

  • Work closely with stakeholders to strengthen the medico-legal response to sexual violence against children by building linkages among justice, police, and health workers on forensic evidence collection, filling Police Form 3A, and preparing for court hearings;

  • Convene and provide leadership in multi-disciplinary meetings with a variety of government and non-government stakeholders and support inter-institutional dialogue and coordination on cases of VAW/C;

  • Promote a multi-disciplinary coordinated community response (CCR) to cases of VAW/C;

  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with project stakeholders to ensure effective case management and seamless provision of services to child and other victims of sexual violence;

  • Support inter-institutional dialogue and coordination for cases of VAW/C; and

  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of relevant networks and hierarchies of law enforcement officials.

Training and Development

  • Mentor, guide, and coach police and to ensure the effective investigation and prosecution of VAW/C cases;

  • Impart internationally accepted best investigative practices;

  • Develop and deliver high-quality, professional training curriculum to multi-disciplinary stakeholders;

  • Conduct gap analysis to identify law enforcement, prosecution, and health care worker training needs;

  • Support training programs with the police, judiciary, and medical staff on case management, including ethical and safety considerations for child survivors of sexual violence; and

  • Train multi-disciplinary stakeholders on case management and service provision.


  • Partner with and provide support to the Uganda Police Force in investigating allegations of VAW/C;

  • Mentor and coach police in best VAW/C investigative practices and procedures;

  • Build effective, trusting case management partnerships with the Public Justice System actors and other stakeholders;

  • Understand trauma-informed and child-friendly approaches in VAW/C cases and coach/guide all stakeholders on incorporation of trauma-informed approaches into their service delivery;

  • Collaborate with national and regional IJM staff to develop and implement sound investigative plans and program investigations accordingly;

  • Conduct surveillance and other undercover operations in support of investigations;

  • Recruit investigative informants and collect actionable intelligence;

  • Provide courtroom testimony when required;

  • Prepare clients and staff for police interviews and courtroom testimony; and

  • Participate in case reviews.

Qualifications and Competencies


  • Three or more years of experience conducting criminal investigations with the Uganda National Police Force Directorate of Criminal Investigation or other government agency with investigative responsibilities preferred;

  • Proven experience and/or training working with/interviewing children;

  • Prior leadership and/or management experience preferred;

  • Valid certificate of good conduct;

  • Valid driver’s license and experience driving manual vehicles in rough terrain;

  • Fluent in written and oral communication in English, with working knowledge of Rutooro / Runyakitara required;

  • Proven ability to plan and conduct investigations (including experience in surveillance, evidence collection and preservation, writing investigative reports, interviewing trauma victims, interrogation, recruiting and handling confidential informants, conducting undercover operations, recording written statements, crime scene documentation, and chain of custody preservation);

  • Unarmed self-defense training preferred;

  • Proven working knowledge of forensics and investigative forensic techniques; and

  • Excellent writing, documentation and reporting skills, including the ability to maintain digital records and generate high-quality reports on all casework interventions, stakeholder interactions, etc.

Critical Qualities

  • Mature orthodox Christian faith, as defined by the Apostle’s Creed;

  • High levels of self-motivation and personal initiative;

  • Interest in project development and an ability to thrive as part of a small, flexible team;

  • Creative and energetic problem solver;

  • Extremely high levels of honesty and integrity;

  • Ability to work well under stress and deadline pressures with a sustained positive attitude; and

  • Attention to detail; organized and disciplined with priorities.

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