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Advocacy Lead job at Girls for Climate Action | Apply Now

Are you looking for Administrative jobs in Uganda 2024? If yes, then you might be interested in Advocacy Lead job at Girls for Climate Action

Jinja, Uganda



June 20, 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

About the Organisation

Young women and girls are not only vulnerable to climate change impacts, they are also the SOLUTION. We are centering our lived realities and experiences as we advocate for Climate Justice.

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Job Title

Advocacy Lead job at Girls for Climate Action

Job Description

Girls for Climate Action is a young women led movement that is cantering their lived realities and experiences to advocate for climate justice. The movement works to see that we have a just world that is resilient and lives in harmony with the Environment. G4CA does several programs including advocacy, climate education, climate leadership and Local led climate solutions across the country. We engage young women/youth to develop innovative, on-the-ground solutions to the toughest environmental challenges so that people and nature can thrive, as we contribute to building resilient communities. Additionally, Girls for Climate Action is engaging more young women and girls to be Eco-feminists and advocate for inclusive climate adaptation solutions, policies and plans.

Our work is guided by our values, which include a commitment to diversity and compassion and respect for people, communities, cultures and sisterhood. From a rewarding mission to career/personal development and flexible schedules, there are many reasons to love life #insideG4CA.
One of G4CA’s primary goals is to cultivate an inclusive work environment so that every team member has a sense of belonging and feel that their unique contributions are valued. We know we’ll only achieve our mission by hiring and engaging a diverse staff that reflects the communities in which we work. Recognizing that people bring talent and skills that have been developed outside the scope of a job, we take a holistic approach to recruitment that considers life experience in addition to the professional requirements listed in our postings.
Please apply – we’d love to hear from you. Join for the mission and stay for the people!”
The Advocacy lead is responsible for providing technical support and leadership to all advocacy projects. She will support and lead G4CA and partners in influencing the implementation of relevant international, regional, and national level frameworks towards climate and gender justice at the local, national, regional, and international level. The advocacy lead will lead young women and girls towards demanding for just climate solutions, policies and frameworks.
Key technical areas under the leadership of this role include joint evidence-based advocacy on the climate justice and inclusive climate policies, strengthening the capacities of G4CA’s partners and young women, adolescents, youth and supporting their advocacy initiatives and actions, networking and collaboration with relevant stakeholders and networks/alliances/working groups at local, national, regional, and international level and introducing accountability mechanisms.
If you’re looking for a career where you can find meaning and purpose, come join us as the Advocacy Lead! Not only will you fulfil climate justice objectives, but you’ll contribute to the growth of the movement across the country. We’re looking for a passionate, dedicated person. Come join G4CA and apply today!

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify advocacy issues and lead/guide on evidence-based advocacy actions.

  • Provide technical support in the implementation and institutionalisation of Policy Dialogue and mainstreaming a movement advocacy plan.

  • Work in alliance with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), particularly with the women Activists, advocacy groups, youths, individual activists, artists and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to advocate on identified climate justice related issues.

  • Develop and disseminate advocacy briefs, position papers, as required for different advocacy interventions.

  • Lead in creating and implementation of G4CA’s Advocacy Strategy.

  • Support the monitoring of the enforcement and localisation of climate policies, NAPs and other local laws.

  • Introduce, support, and build on social accountability mechanisms like Community Score Cards for women, girls and other local communities to hold their leaders accountable on the enforcement of the relevant policies and frameworks.

  • Implement the community and Policy Dialogues as might be required.

  • Plan and implement advocacy related media campaigns including relevant capacity development for media, artivism,media activities such as investigative journalism, social media campaigns among others.

  • Capacity Building for G4CA, partners and young women, adolescents, youth and community-based organisations and activist groups focusing on knowledge and skills required for effective advocacy.

  • Provide advice to partners in the development and implementation of their advocacy strategies, and in specific advocacy campaigns.

  • Work closely with other specialists to ensure synergies with other result areas, to identify critical issues in climate justice in Uganda and develop advocacy plan, generate evidence, and implement advocacy activities to address them.

  • Communicate effectively with local partners and project participants to monitor implementation, identify project or capacity gaps and advocacy issues, identify / anticipate emerging and / or unanticipated risks and addressing these accordingly in liaison with other team members.

  • Represent G4CA in relevant advocacy forums.

  • Collaborate with relevant Civil Society actors at local, national, and international level and networks.

  • Establish and maintain networks and alliances with local, national, and regional advocacy/coalition organizations and participate in relevant local, national, and regional working groups and networks.

  • Participate in relevant advocacy platforms.

  • Contribute to the production of regional and international advocacy materials and messages, as well as learning briefs.

  • Work closely with the MEAL team to create Advocacy Impact Measurement tools

  • With support from MEAL team, train the team in monitoring and evaluation of advocacy activities.

  • Review the M&E systems/ key advocacy indicators and support team to monitor the quality and impact of the implementation of all advocacy activities.

  • Contribute to generating and documenting lessons learnt and knowledge on all advocacy activities, writing policy briefs and papers.

  • Practice a behaviour that is consistent with G4CA’s core values, and promotion of gender equity and diversity goals.

  • Plays a leadership role in identifying and implementing initiatives that enhance G4CA’s commitment to climate justice, gender and diversity.

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Qualifications and Competencies

  • The ideal applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in environment, law, Human rights or any other related discipline.

  • Practical experience in advancing advocacy initiatives on issues of climate justice, gender justice.

  • Experience in capacity development on advocacy processes and tools.

  • Excellent teamwork, networking, communication, and collaboration skills with a wide range of actors, both with in G4CA team and other actors on several deliverables

  • Experience/ knowledge of environment policies and plans, negotiations etc

  • Ability to network, build relationships and establish collaboration with different partners, agencies local and international networks/movements.

  • Ability to link with community activists and social movements.

  • Strong commitment to Gender Equity and Diversity (GED).

  • Strong inter-personal communication and facilitation skills

  • Knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation including report writing, documentation and presentation.

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How to Apply

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